Research For Penguicon "Apocrypha"
The Penguicon Board of Directors is considering compiling a history of the unwritten philosophies of Penguicon. As different staff and attendees have come and gone, the past fifteen years have seen many different decisions, trends, tendencies, strategies, preferences, desires, aversions, rules-of-thumb, and principles.

The natural emergence and drift of cultural norms is informal, so it goes unrecorded. We would like to record it. An "apocrypha" will not be a set of rules. It is not intended to bind us to a predetermined vision of Penguicon's future. It is a description of how we got where we are: the decisions that shaped Penguicon's distinctive philosophical approach to organizing an event and a community.

We present this questionnaire in the hopes that our research will include input from as many interested parties as possible. Feel free to tell stories, take a humorous tone, link to media files, deviate from the questions, and use this form in a way you find useful to the project.
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What name are you known by? What has been your involvement with Penguicon, and when was it? May we contact you with follow up questions, and if so, how?
In the first few years of this century, how did Penguicon originally get its cultural norms? What were the formative decisions? Why were they made?
How did Penguicon's culture change over time? Were there decisions, events, or discussions that affected the expectations and behavior of hundreds of participants? How much was intentional, and how much accidental?
What are Penguicon's cultural norms today?
Anything to add?
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