United States 2016 Presidential Election and Northeastern University Student Concerns
Joseph E. Aoun, President
Phillomena Mantella, CEO and Sr. Vice President of Northeastern University Global Network
Madeleine Estabrook, Vice President of Student Affairs
Thomas Nedell, Sr. Vice President & Treasurer
Michael Davis, Director of Public Safety

RE: United States 2016 Presidential Election and Northeastern University Student Concerns

Dear President Aoun, Senior Vice Presidents Mantella and Nedell, Vice President Estabrook, and Chief of Police Davis,

Over the past week, the result of our presidential election has weighed heavy on the hearts of the marginalized people the president-elect, Donald J. Trump, has directly and repeatedly ostracized; sexual assault survivors and those belonging to Muslim, African American, Latinx, LGBTQ, and undocumented communities to name a few. As a university- and city-wide community, it is our responsibility to assess and act upon the gravity of this national moment and what it means for the course of history, social justice, and the real day to day lives of those who live in uncertainty.

In President Aoun’s statement earlier today, any mention of racism, Islamophobia, sexism, anti-semitism, or bigotry was absent. It’s not adequate nor meaningful to call for unity and inclusion if we are not able to first name and address the forces that inhibit those things. To discuss moving forward with our president-elect without discussing his blatant bigotry is to begin to normalize the violence his vitriol endorses - violence that has already dramatically impacted many Americans. As of November 11th, the Southern Poverty Law Center had documented 200 post-election hate crimes, with university campuses and schools being the most common settings of attacks against marginalized groups.

We cannot pretend that same bigotry is absent from our city of Boston. A group of white men drove around Wellesley’s campus harassing and threatening Black students. Muslim women in the Greater Boston area have been condemned for wearing hijabs in public. We are only a week removed from the election, and it is clear that the wave of emboldened bigotry we feared is not at all a hypothetical. It is real and it poses a direct threat to the well-being of far too many students, especially those at predominantly white institutions like Northeastern.

While we appreciate the sentiment of President Aoun’s post-election message to the Northeastern family, we are discouraged by the university’s continued use of vague platitudes in its responses to issues that students find important. To say that “the course of history always moves us toward greater understanding and progress” undersells the courage and direct action that has always driven that progress. Unified, respectful, and inclusive communities are not created by chance, and Northeastern will need to do much more than send a five paragraph-long email to truly create the type of community it boasts. It is urgent for the university to take the following actions in order to ensure that our friends and family are not negatively impacted by this presidency, and to ensure that if they are, the school is prepared to support those who are harmed. The university must:

1. Have President Aoun make a press statement, explicitly saying that the University will not condone or accept hateful and bigoted acts by students and calling for Congress to block the appointment of white nationalist Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist.
2. Assure that all students receive a campus, classroom, and community experience free of hostilities, aggressions, and bullying by publicizing the campus-wide anonymous reporting mechanism, training all staff and faculty in de-escalation intervention techniques, and expanding the Safe Rides and Safe Walks program (training all assistants, especially NUPD officers, in bias events).
3. Increase accessibility of mental health care for sexual assault survivors and members of marginalized communities who may triggered or negatively impacted by the rhetoric and actions surrounding the election.
4. Refuse to release information regarding the immigration status of our students and community members. Refuse to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportation or raids.
5. Assign a specific office and specific administrators to assist our DACA students and other students who lack the privilege of citizenship on a strictly confidential basis. Provide staffing to this office as needed.
6. Guarantee that this same office shall be charged with pursuing both tuition and room and board funding for all students who lack citizenship.
7. Guarantee specific scholarships for students who were previously DACA recipients, if/when DACA is terminated.

Given the urgency of the situation, we ask that Northeastern University takes these steps immediately, this semester, before the president-elect is sworn into office. City Councilor Tito Jackson has already called for Boston to join other major cities in the country and become a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants; as such Northeastern should follow suit and take the steps necessary to become a sanctuary campus. Students, Faculty, and Staff will actively be advocating for these actions to be taken until the university makes commitments to implement these changes.


Mackenzie Coleman, Northeastern University COE '19
Kyle McAdam
Chelsea Canedy BS '18
Cristina Rushton, Student
Lauren Swank
Melissa Kruk
Kathleen Brody, student
Elijah Booker, Third-year Political Science Major
Eleanor Williams
Helen Wang, DMSB '19
Isabella Viega
Naneka Bakare
Will Beaman (SAID)
Clare Malone
Ben Simonds-Malamud, undergrad student
Lauren Perlik
Maddie Seibert, student
Nickolas Faynshteyn (Sociology Masters Student at NEU )
Mary Tobin, Northeastern D'Amore-McKim student
Rachel Roberie, NEU Student
Raymond Huang
Brenna Nopenz
Pratik Dubey
Malcolm Clark
Mika Brown, Department of Chemical Engineering
Amanda Britz, Northeastern University
Diana morel
Alissa Zimmer, 4th year student
Nisha Udupa
Amanda Achin, International Socialist Organization
Alice Lahoda, NU College Democrats
Nam-Du Nguyen (PAAQA: Pan Asian American Queer Alliance)
David Sherman
Joe Tache, NU Student '18
Nia Carter
Kyumon Murrell - CSO, Legacy Mentoring and Leadership
Maya Wong, Bouve College of Health Sciences, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, 2019
Susan Chen
Victoria Kroeger, Northeastern student
Sarah Seymour
Kenneth Barragan
Meghan Zwicker
Brandis Whitfield, Brandeis University
Henry Bison, BS 18'
Kimika Ross
Ololade Akingbade
Meron Wonderad
Seaton Huang - SAID
John Thomas Hinchen, Undergraduate
Harrison Trenh
Jessica Peck
Luis Zabala
Megan Wood
Emmeline Cordingley
Yodit Habtemariam and African American
Margot Valme
Kelly Chia, the Asian American Center
Rayn Tavares (student)
Vishal Makhijani, UTSAV
Tove Bjork
David Edelman, SJP, MechE 2020
Gaylen Alexander, NEU Nursing
Yvette Niwa, CSSH Junior
Fatuma mohamed, 2nd year international affairs and economics
Julia Cooper
Conor O'Shea-Class of 2018
Jaclyn Roache, Northeastern class of 2018
Natalie Booth
Nathan Worob (NU College Democrats)
Maria Perez
Amanda Kerr, COS '17
Patrick Hernandez
Caroline Manfrini, Northeastern University Undergraduate
Nicole Merrill
Benjamin Moran
Marielle Riveros, Northeastern Student
Lily Moseley '17 International Affairs and Economics
Sneha Pandya, NU'17
Jessa Silver, Northeastern student
Thalia Carroll-Cachimuel: Latin American Student Organization Coalition Coordinator
Molly Wallace, BS BNS 18'
Miriam Krugman
Amina Azmat- Northeastern University
Rebecca Kluger, BU '19
Forest Hallee
Michaela Cullum-Doyle, COS '19
Shanta Poon-King, Graduate Student
Kim Whitney, Northeastern Student '18
Skyler Nasrallah, Students for Justice in Palestine
Rachel Domond, BS '20
Alyssa Rubin, Northeastern undergraduate
Brendan DeVoue, Northeastern Student
Benjamin Levy, Northeastern Sociology PhD Student
Ben Vanderlan, CSSH '20
Alex Frandsen - SAID, '19 Journalism
Katie Langford - NEU Alumna
Farah Alfahad
Zak Newbart - J Street U Northeastern
Madisen Hackley, NEU Student
Cayman Macdonald, Democracy Matters
Kyle Giamportone, NEU Undergrad
Jennifer Heintz, CAMD '18
Aaron Salomon, Northeastern Student
Mollie Baker, '18
Congtin Nguyen
Quinn Casey,
Jasmyn Glinton Caribbean Student Organization
Tatiana Spears
Daija Spaulding
Alexander Lim
Austin Williams- DivestNU
Alyson del Castillo
Antoine Jones
Luke Sisselman
Liam Daly, northeastern student
Ben Faucher, College of Engineering
Katrina Haase, CSSH '20
Kelsea Morshuk-Allen, CSSH'19
Mac L., BS '01
Daniel Russotto
Kyleen Burke, NUSL '18
Sawyer Hammond as a member of SAID
Ian Donnelly, NEU History undergraduate
Ulpiano Flores
Jasmine Rayonia, NU EMPOWER
Olivia Xu, NEU Student
Monisha Reginald, Student
Terri McAdam
Corey Coleman, NEU undergrad
Rebecca Govoni, COE '17
Allyson Dia, DMSB'19
Kailyn Gaines, CSSH '17
Evan Jacobson
Sarah Younes, Northeastern student
Natasha Mathur, Behavioral Neuroscience 2018
Haley Albert NU '19
Annie Patyk
Seraphina Fong
Nico Oldfield - FSO
Khalea Jones
Sydelle Barreto
Michael Heard Snow COS '15
Benjamin Tamarin
Jasmine Heyward, CAMD '19
Taylor Straatmann '18
Mabel Gonzalez Nunez, NEU Student
Carly Joos, DMSB '19
Murray Sandmeyer
Jennie Spector, International Affairs '17
Hanne Larsen, Northeastern Theatre student, '17
Sandra Nygren
Michael Nelson concerned global citizen
Troy Neves
Lillian Cai, Northeastern BSBA '18
Fionnuala Stone
Julian Yeboah
Matthew Lamontagne, CSSH '19
Rachael Phillips, Int'l Affairs and Economics '20
Ben Tamarin, Northeastern University Undergraduate
Riale Gilligan, '20
Henoss Taddesse
Phil Giordano M.Arch 14 & Beta Theta Pi
Elizabeth Downing, Northeastern undergrad
Elliot Richardson, CSSH '20
Sarah Elbakri - ISNU, '19 Civil Engineering
Anthony Carroll, CSSH '18
Savannah Kinzef
Andrew Gifford, Senior northeastern undergraduate
Kayla Lee
Lori Nsimpasi, COS '20
Sadiya Gurhan, CAMD '20
Gloria Lee DMSB '19
Noa Dalzell, Northeastern freshman
Annie Tucker
Julia Dalton, Poly Sci '18
Zwe Min Htet Aung, '20 ME
Alex Merkle NEU Student
Jared Ontko
Laura Camila Rivera, Latin American Student Organization
Nicoletta Bouzos, Feminist Student Organization
Kyle Davis, Northeastern University
Kelsey Powers, COE '20
Jennifer LaPierre CCIS
Charina Hanley
Camila Simons, Latin American Student Organization
Jalyn Simmons, NEU Class of 2020
Jacqueline Firsty, '19 Environmental Science
Alice Young, CCIS '17
anisha samant
Gian DeFilippis (NU College Democrats)
Sam Shaw-Wilgoski Northeastern Nursing
Milena Troshkova
Anne Pinkham, CSSH 17'
Anna Bagley, International Affairs and Economics '18
Sarah Barnhart, Senior Nursing Student
Emily Mears, '18
Kara Morgan, '17
Claudia Zimmer
Anika Krause, CSSH '17
Yvonne Lee CSSH/CAMD '18
Michelle Reichman, student
Jordan Perras, DMSB '17
Elizabeth Gambel Behavioral Neuroscience '17
Santiago Nariño 17' International Affairs and Economics
Grace Di Cecco, '17 Northeastern University
Eunji Kim, Northeastern Undergraduate International Affairs Student
Liana Rodier, COS '18
Hannah Flath, '17
Kasia Gibson, Northeastern COE '19
Adrian Kombe, NU 19
Gweneth Andersen, COS '20
Scotty Blechman, COS '19 + oSTEM@NEU
Cara McCormack, CCIS '17
Rima Sheehab, CSSH '17
Laura Packard, CSSH '20
Nick Boyd, EE '19, Real Food Challenge
Lauren Cosenza, CSSH '17
Ayah AN, Student at NEU
Jiya Pinder, '17, Behind the SMILE
Rose Leopold, MS Security & Resilience Studies
Maire Quinn, Northeastern Student
Erin Burba, COE '20
Katherine Gilmore - NEU Student
Oona Kernan
Kate Glynn, Northeastern Undergrad
Olivia Pickard, Northeastern '19
Kira Maclean, Northeastern Studrnt
Monica Bhatia, CSSH '17
Hannah Lifshutz, Political Science & International Affairs '17
Rosemary Ajegwu, COE' 21
Nour E. Sulaiman, Northeastern University School of Law, 2019
Hayes Bortz, CSSH '21
David McDevitt, International Affairs and Economics '18
Richard Tenpenny, COS '18
Nicholas Grimes; D'Amore-McKim School of Business Junior
Efi Narliotis, Sociology Major
Suraya Foster, '20 BS Chemistry
Margaret Chuang, Pharmacy Student
Julia Hayward 20' International Affairs/Spanish
Prasanna Rajasekaran, Economics '18
Emily J Beckers, CCIS '19
Maggie Pankowska, Health Science '18
Lily Zhang, DMSB'18
Reuben Jacobs, CCIS '16
Divya Mohan, Psychology '16
Cicely Krebill, Biology '19
Ana Paz BCHS '18
Nikhita Goyal Freshman Student
Nina Rossiter - Int Affairs & Env Studies 19'
Nadav DMSB '17
Maxwell Burger-Roy, Chemical Engineering '20
Gabriella Rao, Behavioral Neuroscience '20
Adrian Forrest, CAMD '19
Caralyn Zeltner, COS '18
Danielle Duke, Human Services '18
Madeleine Hahn-Smith, Political Science and International Affairs '20
Samantha Anne Cullum, COS'17
Alice Thompson CAMD '20
Victoria Barranco CAMD '19
Trea Lavery, CAMD 2020
Josh Levin COE '17
Eric Shi COE '17
Angelina Choy, COS '17
Sophie Cole, BCHS '18
Allison Traylor, DMSB '17
Ryan Fleischer, Design '19
Ben Carleton, DMSB & CAMD '18
Rachel Tenenbaum, COS '17
Gabriel Morris, CSSH
Yagmur Ugur POBA'18
Andrew Mattson, COS'18
Vedika Bandhi, NEU '18
Nicole Platt, Communication Studies and Journalism '18
Laura Krause
Sara Sheridan, International Affairs and Political Science '17
Lucas Rich, College of Science
Laney Chace, CSSH '18
Jack T Dombrowski CAMD 2018
Nicole Hicks CSSH Alum
Daniela Gonzalez - Alum
Jake Orlando, DMSB '17
Erik Hanley, Health and Envr Sci '18
Mitchell Starr, Environmental Science '19
Adam Leach, BSME '15
Sophie Schmid, Fourth-Year Nursing Student
Monica Johnson
Mathia Griffith- NU '20 Sociology
Alexa Overington, DMSB '18
Amy Kristl, COS '16
Akanksha Marwaha, DMSB'19
Meheret Abiye, CSSH '17
Thomas Shockman, CCIS '19
Austin Fernandez, COS '17
Jeffrey Marchioni, Student
Sunandhaa Narasimhan, COS '19
Martina Merrill, Northeastern 2018
Linda Gadilauskas
hanalei fong
Chemi Chemi (Hampshire College 17')
Martha Durkee-Neuman, CSSH '19
Randall Masco, COS '18
Sage Whipple, DMSB 18
Annabelle Sendall, COS '20
Sarah Anderson, Environmental Studies and Political Science '18
Hannah Bergam, Senior Undergraduate Student
Kathryn O'Brien, CSSH '17
Michael Avender, CSSH '17
Ami Pienknagura, Alumni
Jenne Ratto-Murray, music industry and communications '18
Wendy Appelle, NEU Alumna
Alexandra Agoglia, International Affairs
Veena Ganesan
Tessa Berliner, CAMD '17
Peri MacRae, Second Year Sociology/Anthropology Major
Madeleine O'Haire CSSH '17
Michael Orent, Green Line Records
Gloria Mobolaji Student
Susanna Edens, CCIS MSCS
Craig Conecoff COE 18'
Taylor Frey, COE '20
Mairead Day, Northeastern Nursing
Joely Barrios, Communications, CAMD '19
Nike Brannstrom CAMD '19
Catherine Kuchel, CSSH
Emma Hegermiller, COS '17
Meredith Stone CSSH, University Scholar
Alexandra Batal, CAMD '17
Adriana de Lucio, Human Services Major
Melissa Paz, COS'17
Becky Darling, CSSH '16
Kate Martin, CSSH '19
Christina Sirabella, CAMD '17
Annabelle Kearney, NU student
Vibha Honasoge
Erica Hinck CAMD '19
Charles Cavallaro, CAS '18
Troy Mariko Harris, Criminology & Psychology '18
Isabel Jordan DMSB 2017
Robert Colón, COS '16
Julia Ruiz Borys (LASO)
Jennifer Comi, NEU undergrad '18
Ogochukwuka G. Kpando
Sami Berrada DMSB '17
Dara Baldwin, International Affairs and Human Services '17
Chase Nelson CSSH '19
Hahnl Choi, School of Pharmacy '18
Laura Gomez, CAMD '20
Lucas Calero , CCIS -21
Jordan Surkin, NEU Senior
Megan Hill, CAMD '17
Justin McClarey, Northeastern Undergraduate
Sofia Benitez, COE '19
Gwen Schiller, '15
Jesse Foley, ME '20
Ali Ukani, CCIS '15
Simon Kay - CCIS '20
Mara Stegaru, Northeastern University College of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nancy Poirier, activist
Paulina Demirev, Economics '18
Phillip Zminda, DMSB '19
Nicole Mulready COE '17
Yuri Faugin-Whitemail, Africana Studies
Nir Shtuhl, COS '16 COS '17
Ethan Judelson, Media Screen Studies '19
Roxanne Anderson, Human Services '17
Kira Topalian, CSSH '18
Khadija Noor/ ISNU
Jameson Johnson, 3rd year political communications student
Adela Locsin, CAMD '18
Gabrielle Thurston
Kelsey Taeckens, CSSH '19
Jackson Powell, NU Pride
Laura Goetz, Marine Biology '18
Isabel Munson, CSSH '16
Ryan Maia, CSSH '19
Harumi Harakawa '18
Tasha Merchant, COS '19
Ryan Cruse ​BS / MS Chemistry '19
Jenna Malley, COS '17
Nina Rossiter - Int Affairs & Env Studies 19'
Joshua Pikus, International Business '19
David Reedy, COS 17'
Alexa Colbert, DMSB '18
William Rainsford, School of Law '17
Daniel Moore, NEU Class of 2017
Lucas Simon, Latin American student association
Elliott Cottington - D'Amore-Mckim School of Business
Brittany Gudanowski, COS '19
Katherine Conway, CAMD student
Melissa Sonntag, International Affairs and Environmental Studies '19
Matthew Zinck, COS '17
Molly Adams, COE '19
Angelina Sassi, COS'15
sammie katt
Neil Bijlaney, DMSB'19
Sarah Better
Sarah Braun
Aidan Keefer, CAMD '17
Keally Cieslik, Northeastern University School of Law
Tejas Bala CCIS '19
Javon Martin, Marketing
Lexi Onigbanjo, African American Architecture major '19
Beth Hutchings DMSB '18
Timothy Gillis, COE '20
Sharmine S. DMSB '18
Melissa Scholem Heller
Philip Gunderson, Civil Engineering '19
Sara O'Brien, CSSH '17
Lily Ann Ritter, NUSL '19
Elliott Cottington - D'Amore-Mckim School of Business
Dr. Steven W. Hammond, Parent
August Easton-Calabria, student
Alyanna Tenorio, COE '16
Liane Wong, The Asian American Center
Angie Romero, NUSL '19
Beverly Falco, NUSL '19
Samuel Schwartz, NUSL '17
Will Wachter, COE 2020
Ingrid Angulo, CSSH 2020
David Nica
Gabrielle Azubuike, COS '16
Eric Su '17
Sarah Jacobs, Nursing '21
Ryan Tan, BSBA '20
James Neary
Nina Schwartzman, JD student
Kara Kokinos, WRBB
Jennifer Sartori, Jewish Studies and Humanities Center
Courtney Boudreau, COS '12
Sarah Roth, CSSH '16
Vivian Ho, COS '13
Jack Watson, COS '19
Brendan Reed, CCIS '19
Isaac Feldberg, Journalism
Rreze Grajcevci Health Science '20
Claire Mancuso, Human Services '19
Aaron Zimmerman, COS '17
Sharon Park, Bouve '18
Liza Casella Northeastern University
Fernanda Hurtado Ortiz, Journalism '19
Zach Gawlik, CCIS '17
Madison McDaniel, DMSB '19
Christian Nichols, D'Amore-McKim '17
Iliana Panameno
Isabella Whitehill, CAMD '19
Lauren Bocage CSSH & CAMD 18
Eleanor Grams, CSSH '18
Isabel Li, Communication Studies '17
Brooke Stanley, Political Science
Robert Anderson, Environmental Science '19
Chynna Pickens COS'19
Grace Woodward, CSSH '19
Anh Phan COS '20 Biology
Emily Whalen, NUSL 1L
Sean Marden COS '12
Amelia Santiago, PT c/o 2019
Kate Driscoll, BHS'17
Ollie Fishstein, COE '18
Nicole Erickson, DMSB '18
Christelle Nkera, SC '20
Rhea Joseph, NEU class of 2020
Jessica Wilbur class of 2012
Renee Gardner, Northeastern University
Dominique Ryan, NEU '18
Brian Ambadjes, DMSB '19
Kristen Angelos, alumni '08
Lisa Zhou, PharmD student '19
Caroline Mills, Chemical Engineering '20
Qindeel Ishtiaq, COE'18
Diana DiLiberti, COE '19
Diandra Grinage
Julianna Halcomb '19 Human Services
Adrianna Graziano, COS '19
Ana Paz, BCHS '18
Alice Chen
Claudia Maier, exchange student
Fay Feghali, COS '17
Olivia DeFrances, staff, Marketing & Communications
Katie Harrigan
Loki Odinson
Julio Guillen, NUSL Alumni
Sydney DellaRatta, COS '20
Ben Silvers, Music Industry '20
Freda Spencer, NUSL '19
Mason Gersh, CSSH 17'
Joanna Sullivan, COE '18
Brennan Caruthers, DMSB '18
Jailene Cabrera, 3rd yr NU Undergraduate
Eloise Coly, NEU '20
Chelsea Lauder, CSSH '20
Fanta Kamara, BHS '17
Saule Bussing, COE '20
Tessine Murji, International Affairs Student
Victoria Baisden, Art 2017
Rebeca Hammel, BSBA '17
Grace Lee COS '17
Samantha Isaacs
Luisa Peña Lyons, IAF/Poli Sci 07'
Carly Jaffee alum
Savannah Skye Walker, Torch Scholar
Sophia Fox-Sowell
Moishe Goldblatt, Finance and Accounting student
Emily Daniel, COE '18
Natasha Ibori, CSSH 2019
Hugh Mungus, Meme Science
Tyler Hall, COE'17
Asa Budnick, Biology Major, 2019
Niesa Nelson COS '19
Catherine Nunez, '03
Julianna Urban, CAMD'20
Xida Zou - Asian American Center
Mehwish Hussain, Senior at NI
Gillian McLarty, DMSB '20
Arinze Iwudyke, NEU Undergrad Student
Nicole Cerundolo, NEU '20
Rebecca Green, CSSH '19
Joy Leonard, PharmD '20
Nicole Kaplan, BS Biochemistry '16
Joseph Tharp, CSSH '19
Shachenika Jean, COS '17
June Simon '16
Isaac Feldberg, Journalism
Whitney Kelting, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion
Dioneaux Hemmings, Northeastern Heath Science Student
Leena Ahsan, COE '18
Hayley Keller, Northeastern alum class of 2016
Julianna Horiuchi, COS '20, Real Food Challenge
Katherine Williams, DMSB '17
Eloni Porcher, CAMD '18
Jenie Michael, Strong Women Strong Girls at NU
Jared Lane - SSH'16
Valeria Do Vale
Taylor Tomasso, '18 International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology
Dayle Duran, JD '19
Julia Barnes, American Sign Language '17
Richard Faletto - CSSH '19
Arjun Jindal, University of Toledo Medical School
Gabriela Caratgena UMASS Boston: Organizational Leadership, French , English departments
Alex Peterson, COS 18', Real Food Challenge
Katy Davis, CSSH '17
Maya Bur, CSSH '18
Stevie Schuessler, NEU '20
Teresa Tran DMSB '17
Youmna Mahmood, Pharmacy 2020
Taylor Holland, CSSH '16
Malia Bow, CCSH '18
Colin Bergmann COE '21
Nikki Makagiansar, NEU'17
Madison Goldstein - COE '18
Jessica Dampier - COS '19
Shannon O'Callaghan CSSH '17
Tatiana Fontalvo, CAMD '17
Gemma Aquilina, - COS '16
Emma Clouse '16
Celeste D'Angelo, COS '17
Melanie Chu The Asian American Center, DMSB '17
Malcolm Clark CSSH '20
Jessica Constant CSSH'17
Caroline Lucas, COS 2017
Blair Childs-Biscoe, CSSH '19
Zach Corenblum, CSSH
Rebecca Noyes, class of 2017, Progressive Student Alliance member
Mokgabo Maruping, DMSB '20
Randa Taher, '19 Business Administration
Natalie Evans CSSH '17
Anu Gulati, CCIS '18
Erika Smitten, DMSB '19
Kathryn Thorne COS '19, real food challenge
Tatyana Jackson, DMSB'20
Jonty MacDonald, CSSH '20
John Quintas CSSH '17
Brenda Lau, NEU '20
Emily Chuang, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology student
Louiza Wise COE '20
Alessandra Bryant D'Amore McKim School of Business 2018
Elena Castriota CSSH '18
Mara Moran, Anthropology 18
Joseph Platte, COS '20
Madison Durr, Bouve School of Nursing
Alexa Harris CAMD '16
Sandra Baumann COE '18
David DeCamp, PhD Candidate World History
Austin Hunt, CAMD '17
Eliza Hunt, CSSH '17
Thomas Cotugno, CSSH '19
Izzaaz Hishamudin SSH '16
Anastasia Doherty, NUSL '19
Kavita Singh, '18 Economics and Finance
Angela Kennedy-Curran, COS '21
Jessica Juarez, '07
Rachel Shapiro, COE '17
Adrian Kant, CCIS '19
Kyle Tengco, CCIS '18
Jeremy Herbert, COE 2018
Barbara Cimatti LASO and LSCC
Yatzel Sabat, NUSL, Class of 2019
Mike Wagenheim, CAMD '17
Cayman Somerville, COS, '16, NU Sci Mag
Sarah Sanchez, NU grad student - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Loïc James McKeever '19 Physics
London Pace, SAID
Emily Arntsen, '19
Elisabeth Borja, CAMD '17
Fabiola Olvera, J.D. Candidate 2019
Hira / student
Busayo obey, CSSH '19
Anny Thach, HC'20
Alexandra Spak COE '2021
Elizabeth Bromley, COE20
Jacob Lensing-Sharp, International Affairs '18
Chynna Lewis, DMSB '19
Lily Fielding, CSSH '19
Ethan Skutt COE '20
Miranda Prasad, DMSB '18
Kimberly Izar, DMSB '16
Eliana Ballin, CAMD '19
Laura Benedict CSSH '17
Ruby K DMSB '16
Emma Anderson, CSSH'16
Katelin Murdock, DMSB '18
Stephen Ngo, CSSH Alumni Class of 2016
Olivia Sun DMSB '17
Ciana Moreno, Political Science
Gabriella Nuovo, '17 Media & Screen Studies

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