Humboldt Room Duplication Application
HSU Library Humboldt Room Application for Duplication
1. Duplication, in whatever format, e.g., photocopy, photograph, copy print, scanned image, is made available solely for the reference use of the applicant.

2. In making this copy available, the HSU Library does not thereby grant permission to reproduce or quote extensively for publication or to display on the world wide web. Requests for such permission must be submitted in writing with sufficient lead time for processing (see below).

3. When material from the HSU Library's Special Collections is published, including on a web page, acknowledgement of permission to publish and credit for the possession of such material must be noted in the work. The credit line should read as follows: (Name of collection), Humboldt State University Library.

4. The HSU Library does not, by making copies available or by granting permission to publish or to quote therefrom, relinquish its own right to publish the material or to permit other persons to publish or quote therefrom.

5. The applicant assumes full responsibility for any infringement of copyright or publication rights belonging to the author, his heirs, or assigns.
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