English Department Travel Funding Awards are available for currently enrolled English majors and graduate students only. Each award can cover up to $250 for student travel. There are three undergraduate and three graduate awards for this amount available each academic year. Each student is eligible for one award per year, and applicants who are listed on the conference program will be given priority.

Deadline to Submit:

Priority deadline (fall semester): The priority deadline for submission is November 1 of each year. This deadline applies no matter when the travel takes place in a given academic year. Academic years begin July 1 and end on June 30. Notifications for the priority will be sent before the November fall break. 

Spring semester deadline: If funds remain available after the priority deadline disbursement, students have a second opportunity to apply for funding—with a deadline of March 1.

How to Submit:

Please copy and paste this application into a Word document and answer the questions below. With this application, please also submit your letter of acceptance from the conference organizers if possible. If the acceptance has not been received by the time you submit this application, it can be submitted later, but must be received before travel occurs in order to receive funds. Funds are distributed as reimbursement after travel.

The application and conference letter of acceptance should be submitted in electronic copy, as a single attachment, to Teri Bronder-Lewis, English Department Coordinator, at teri.bronder-lewis@humboldt.edu.

Finding Funding from Other Sources:

It’s optimal to apply to other funding sources within Humboldt State University, such as the President’s Office; College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) travel funding (application released in early fall); Associated Students; Clubs and Activities; and other organizations relevant to your work. Also remember to check the conference website to see if student funding is available through the conference organization.



Name: ___________________________

Mark one:                 __Undergraduate Student                 __Graduate Student

Expected Date of Graduation from HSU: ____________________________

Faculty Sponsor: _______________________________________________

Conference Title / Organization: __________________________________

Conference Location: ___________________________________________

Dates of Travel: ________________________________________________

Title of Your Presentation (if applicable):

Abstract of Your Presentation / Description of Participation: Summarize the content of your presentation and/or the work that you will be doing at the conference. (Max 200 words)

Why is participation in this important to your work as an English major, or your future/career plans? What specifically do you expect to learn from the conference? (Max 200 words)