Request for new Organizations
You may want to add new content to the site and tag an organization that does not yet exist in your site. In that case you need to add a new organization to your site. As a first step navigate to and run a search to double check the organization has not been listed with a slightly different name or spelling.

Once you verified that the organization does not exist in the database you may request a new organization be added using the form below.

Here you need to fill in the form to provide all the values and we will then add it for you in the site. This may take a few hours (depending on what day- or night time you send your request) but be assured that we will add the new organization within the 24 hours following your request. If you cannot wait for us to create the taxonomy, you can still publish your content by choosing 'Other" organization (and then ask us to add the organization).

The reason why we have the procedure in place is simple: As ( works off one global taxonomy now, we would like to avoid having one organization in there with multiple slightly different spellings. Moreover, when creating a new international organization, please note that the team will neither create additional entries for a sub-section/division of the organization nor for a country the organization is working in. For example, we would not create new organizations for OCHA Afghanistan, OCHA Pakistan, etc. Instead we refer to 'OCHA' in you for your understanding.

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