NSF Travel Grant Survey
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your responses will be used to demonstrate the impact and value of the travel grants.
If you received a grant from HSS, please include your name. If you received a grant for a different organization, this is not required, but it is helpful.
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For which conference are you completing this survey? *
Please include the year. *
What was your status at the time of the meeting? *
How important was the NSF grant in your ability to attend the conference? *
Please list the kinds of professional activities that you attended as part of the meeting. *
Include activities like mentorship opportunities, CV review, etc.
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If you teach, please estimate the number of students you will reach this academic year. *
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What scholarly development, if any, did you find at the meeting *
Please be specific, e.g., feedback on work, meetings with other scholars.
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Please include any additional comments on the importance and/or benefit of the travel grant, as well as on the importance of the meeting for your professional development.
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