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Whether you are a client of ours or not.., we want to hear what you think!  It's anonymous... but you will be given the option of providing contact details if you want us to contact you to discuss your feedback - it's up to you!

**PLEASE NOTE: This form is for FEEDBACK only** If you are a current client and want assistance please use the easyemployer Helpdesk (
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SECTION 1: I am a Current Client!
What parts of your staff management is easyemployer helping you with the most?
What do you love about easyemployer?
i.e. what easyemployer feature/s makes you life easier!
What improvements would you like to see with easyemployer?
i.e. what would you like us to work on to improve your easyemployer experience.
How likely are you to recommend easyemployer to other business managers/owners to make managing their staff easy?
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Tell us what you think about the customer service you receive from the easyemployer team
i.e. what did you like, what do you think we can improve on.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your easyemployer experience?
SECTION 2: I'm not a Client
What areas of your staff management would you like easyemployer to help you with?
What would be your main motivation/s in seeking to automate your staff admin tasks?
What do you think of our easyemployer ( website? *
- we've just updated it. It's pretty different to anything else out there! Tell us what you think!
Is there anything else you'd like to give us feedback on?
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