easyEMPLOYER Award Management Services

What are Awards?

An award is an agreement for a minimum set of conditions for a given industry or occupation. The agreement is formulated by Fair Work Australia and/or by a state industrial relations commission. Currently in Australia there are over 1000 variants of awards across 120 different industries or occupations. This makes the Australian award system one of the most complicated in the world.

Why get help with managing awards?

The inherent complication with Australian award conditions makes it very difficult for business owners and managers to understand and correctly apply these within their payroll processes. Incorrect payment of staff wages can cost a business significantly in terms of penalties, fines and back paying missed wages, especially if these are not picked up in a timely manner. There are many examples of Australian organisations being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for breaching Industrial Relations laws.

Given the complications and ramifications of getting awards/pay rates incorrect many businesses are choosing to engage external organisations to keep their payroll accurate and compliant. This includes receiving information on award updates and pay changes and applying these into their weekly or fortnightly payroll processing procedures.

What are easyEMPLOYER’s award management services?

easyEMPLOYER’s award management services include the following:

  1. Industry award updates. Receive email updates related to your specific awards as soon as changes are made by either Fair Work or the state industrial relations commissions. This can be used to alter payroll processing procedures or to update your own pay conditions inside your easyEMPLOYER account.
  2. Award templates. easyEMPLOYER has a set of base templated award conditions that are kept up to date as updates are released. This can be used within easyEMPLOYER to assign your staff to directly, or to base your own set of pay conditions from. Both uses result the application of award updates for accurate and compliant payroll processing.
  3. Tailored pay conditions management. If your pay conditions differ from the base awards, our experts can maintain your tailored conditions on an ongoing basis. This is for released award updates and yearly updates such as transitional changes and annual wage increases. Any custom enhancements to pay conditions will be part of the consulting time.
  4. Advice, training & coaching. Given our years of experience dealing with Australian awards we can provide you with experienced advice or recommendations on paying your staff. We can also train you on how to complete your own pay condition changes within easyEMPLOYER or assist you to implement updates as they come up.

Award management plans

easyEMPLOYER’s award management services are grouped into plans as follows:




Industry award email updates




Award template updates (industry and yearly updates)



Tailored pay conditions management (industry and yearly updates)


Priority support




Dedicated account manager




Consulting (recommendations, coaching, configuration time)

up to 30 mins / month*

up to 1 hour / month*

Up to 2 hours / month*


by packs (below)

by packs (below)

by packs (below)

Average Included Value

$160 / month

$320 / month

$560 / month

Ongoing Investment

$80 / award / month + GST

$160 / award / month + GST

$280 / award or set of conditions / month + GST

Setup investment


$199 + GST

$399 + GST***

** Does not include configuration implementation changes outside of industry updates or yearly updates. Any additional labour required is charged at standard rate of $160 / hour + GST.

*** Requires the tailored award or set of pay conditions to already be configured within your easyEMPLOYER account. Standard labour rate applies to setup and configure awards or sets of conditions if not already implemented.

Award management training packs

We also offer the following award management training packs:

Training pack



Yearly update training pack

Training on implementing end of financial year award updates including annual wage increase, transitional and state specific changes. Also includes supporting documentation and a 1-hour follow up support session.

$390 + GST

Basic award management training pack

Training on managing payroll categories, employment types, break types, entitlements & leave types in order to change organisation wide pay conditions. Also includes supporting documentation and a 1-hour follow up support session.

$590 + GST

Advanced award management training pack

Training on implementing advanced conditions for complex pay conditions management or individual arrangements. Also includes supporting documentation and two 1-hour follow up support sessions. Requires basic award management training.

$790 + GST

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for easyEMPLOYER’s award management services by contacting us via phone 1300 855 642 or email info@hrmweb.com.au.

Feel free to contact us if you require assistance or any further information.