Your 2017 "Permit to Play" Quidditch
In order to be allowed to play in the Quidditch Tournament, you must show what you know about the rules of the game. Mr. Hallett will follow up with any student who does not adequately demonstrate solid knowledge of how to play. Answer all of the questions.
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for example: Bob Smith/6H
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What object does the Sideline Player use during the game? *
What object does the Seeker use during the game? *
What object does the Keeper use during the game? *
What object does the Beater use during the game? *
How does Mr. Hallett start the game? *
Hint: It's the same as the start of basketball games
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How do we decide who starts with the quaffle and the snitch each period of the game? *
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If Blue Barbarians and PyroPhobia are playing in Match 1, then which team throws the snitch if Blue Barbarians threw or caught the snitch last? *
Can the Chaser enter their own team's defensive circle? *
The three-point arc area
Can the Chaser enter the opponent's (other team's) defensive circle? *
The three-point arc area
What is the word that means the opposite of "defense"?
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When is the Keeper allowed to leave their own defensive circle area? *
Keeper - goalkeeper
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How many times in a row can a Beater hit an opposing player? *
Can a Beater tag a player with the bludger or does it have to be thrown at a player? *
Who is the only player on the field who cannot be hit by a bludger? *
How long does a field player have to squat down when hit by a bludger? *
If you use a piece of equipment (scoop, quaffle, bludger) to block a bludger, do you still have to squat down? *
If Toxic Terminators and Eternal Darkness are playing in Match 2, and the quaffle goes outside of the blue sideline, which team's chaser will restart the game from the sideline? *
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What color is the snitch line that the Seeker needs to be beyond to make a legal catch? *
What do you like most about playing the Norris game of Quidditch? *
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