Hudsonville Community Ed. Facility Use Form
Forms should be received by the Facility Use Coordinator at least 7 - 10 working days in advance of the proposed date. Failure to do so may result in denial of request. You will be notified by phone, email, or mail regarding facility usage.
Phone: 669-7747, ext #3 Email:

Please note: gym reservation requests for space starting in January will not be scheduled until the youth basketball league has their practices in place. Gym spaces that are still available will be scheduled in order that they were received.

Building Requested
Room Requested
If asking for a classroom, please specify room # in the "other" column
In "other" column, please specify number of tables, chairs, etc.
Dates Requested
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Name of Organization?
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Type of Activity
*If this is for indoor sports practice for a travel-type team, you will be asked to provide a roster.
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Name of Individual who is making application and who will be responsible and in charge each time the above requested facility is used. *
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If you are not a district employee, it is a requirement that you fill out a background form.
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By submitting this request, I agree to be responsible to the Hudsonville Board of Education for the use and care of school property and:
•To leave the facilities in satisfactory condition (should be in same condition or better as when the group arrived).
•That our group’s activity will conform with the regulation governing the use of facilities of Hudsonville Public Schools.
•To fulfill any regulation stipulated by the Community Education Director.
•Coca-Cola has exclusive vendor rights in our Middle Schools and High School.
•If your event falls on a day where there is measurable snow, you will be charged for snow removal at $50 per hour.
•Any group using the school facilities shall be responsible for all damages to the building.
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