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Make a Splash! Donor Wall Plaque Name Request
Thank you for your generous donation to the HEAT Make a Splash! Campaign! Your generous contribution means that our facility will have the assets we need to provide our community with amazing aquatics events resulting in thousands of new visitors each year to our community!

A donor who met or exceeded the family level of $500, or a business level of $1,000 and has paid in full has secured their place on our wall of donors. To ensure we represent your family or business as you would prefer we are requesting that you provide us with your preferred text. Please note that all text is subject to full approval by the HEAT Boosters Board and Hudsonville Public Schools.

Please provide us with the text you would like to see on your donor plaque.

The standard format for the donor plaques is "The Name Family" (line 1) "Dad, Mom, Child 1, Child 2, & Child 3" (line 2). You can see an example by scrolling down to the bottom of the survey. There will be some exceptions, however, please adhere to this format if possible.

For businesses please enter the name of your business as you would prefer to see it. Since your donation is to a non-profit, the business name must not contain a call to action, but only your business name. All business names will be in text and will not contain a logo. Logos will be printed on materials and on the video scoreboard for Club & USA Swimming, Diving, & Water Polo events.
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Please enter the text you would like on line 2 (first names of parents and children). *
If you don't wish to have anything on line 2 please type the words "no names."
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Make a Splash! Donor Wall Plaque Mock-up
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