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3D Design Services at your Library - Work with Designers to create your own inventions! The Friends of the Hooksett Library want to support your creativity by offering 3D Design Services. The Library's goal is always to make discovery accessible and affordable for everyone. With 3D Design service, our hope is that it will potentially...

>...provide low cost design service with the use of volunteers and proceeds supporting the FoHL (Friends of the Hooksett Library)
>...allow entrepreneurs to create a design of their product and gain funding for larger scale manufacturing.
>...solve a simple household problem that might otherwise cost you more to fix.
>...provide a quote for the design before working on it.
>...provide an estimated cost for the 3D printed object.

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By clicking "Submit" below, you agree that (1) the 3D designs developed come with no guarantees, and (2) any damages that might be incurred by the designs are not our responsibility.
We will contact you about your request with information about the next steps in the design process, including an estimated cost for the service. Also, visit hooksettlibrary.org/3D-Printing for more info!
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