Marketing: Sign Request
Welcome to the marketing sign request form! This form is to request any point of purchase sign to be displayed in our retail stores - promotional

Please fill out the following form at least a week in advance of requested completion date! A form must be filled out for EACH different sign you are requesting. If you want the same information to be displayed on 2 different size signs, please make note of that in the comments field.

TO EDIT YOUR REQUEST... click "Edit your response" on the form submission confirmation page OR your confirmation email.

Take note: requested completion dates are merely that - a request. The marketing team will try our best to honor those due dates, but will schedule their completion around other marketing and advertising initiatives. If a conflict arises, we will communicate that to you. Please spell check your requests to minimize the chance of errors.

Please provide as much information as possible up front, including all text, prices, dates, etc. needed in addition to all size, shape, material, and installation locations. Any missing information will require additional follow-up and delay the production and completion dates.

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List any specific words, phrases, quotes, prices, etc. needed
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What information needs to be included on the sign? General message of the sign and what it will be conveying.
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Standard sign sizes listed; if custom size/shape please BE SPECIFIC and include all measurements needed
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How many copies needed? If one sign needed for DV only, 1 copy; If one needed for each store, 2 copies; etc.
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General theme, type of plant/animal/landscape to keep in mind, etc. for overall look
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Where will the sign be displayed?
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How long will the sign be used/displayed? Remember: Signs without specific dates/prices can be reused multiple times, so save these! Short duration use *COROPLAST* signs can be recycled if brought back to marketing!
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To which store or location should these signs be delivered? If signs are required at each store, please indicate quantity split in comment field below.
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