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We have been studying the topic of homework at the Junior High this year. A group of teachers are conducting a homework pilot that began with the first day of the second semester earlier this year. We would like to gather commonly shared attitudes from students and parents about homework to help guide our decision making into the future. Please take the time to complete the survey below. This will help us as we attempt to develop a consistent homework practice across the Junior High School.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I often help my child with their homework.
I believe the amount of homework my child receives is appropriate for their grade level.
I believe homework should be part of my child’s grade.
My child has sufficient time to complete homework.
My child’s homework assignments help them understand lessons from the day’s class.
Homework helps me get a clear idea of what my child does and does not know.
My child often has difficulty completing homework because they do not understand the material.
My child is able to complete their homework without help.
I usually have the time to help my child with homework.
Completing homework helps my child do better on quizzes and tests.
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