Beyond the Big Bang Survey Questions
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Early man in 4000 BC believed the Earth was the center of the universe. What technology did he base this understanding on?
The ancient Greeks made use of mathematics to estimate the following:
The Romans named the planets after what?
Aristotle in the 4th century BC thought the heavenly bodies rode on what structures?
What was Ptolemy able to do in the first century AD.
What do Goseck, Stonehenge, and Chichen Itza have in common?
Ancient astrologers believed what?
Copernicus expoused a theory known as what?
Upon what did Kepler based his laws?
What process enabled Galileo to prove the Copernican model of the Universe?
How did Issac Newton build upon Kepler's work?
In the 1910's Albert Einstein thought what about the size of the universe?
Edwin Hubble discovered what?
Who first described the Big Bang theory?
In 1965 scientists from Bell laboratories accidentally discovered what?
The 2001 WMAP telescope produced an image of the universe that was?
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