HOBY Oregon 2017 Leadership Seminar Junior Staff Application
Junior Staff (those under the age of 21) are essential to the success of HOBY Oregon. They serve as role models to the Ambassadors and provide key logistical support to the operations of the seminar.

Junior Staff are expected to:
• Be present during the entire leadership seminar weekend (May 25th-28th)
• Participate in pre-seminar staff training
• Give or Get a total contribution of $200 to HOBY Oregon
• Serve as outstanding role models for Ambassadors
• Collaborate effectively with the Senior Staff and Operations Team (in working with an assigned group of Ambassadors and/or in supporting seminar operations)
• Assist with seminar preparation throughout the year

• Completion (or near completion) of junior year in high school
• Younger than 21 years of age (Junior Facilitators must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the seminar)
• Attend the pre-seminar training (Mandatory: Dates TBD)
• Attend the HOBY conference in its entirety (Mandatory: May 25th – May 28th)
• Act responsibly under the HOBY Code of Conduct by abiding and encouraging it throughout the seminar

Section I - Your Basic Information
Full Name
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Preferred Gender Pronouns
If you need more information on this question, please visit: https://uwm.edu/lgbtrc/support/gender-pronouns/
Email Address
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Phone Number
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Can you send/receive text messages at this number?
Date of Birth
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T-Shirt Size
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HOBY Alumni Year
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Who was your HOBY facilitator?
(or N/A if not applicable)
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Have you been a member of a HOBY seminar staff in the past?
How many Leadership 4 Service hours have you completed since the 2016 seminar?
If you are new to HOBY and have not completed or logged any hours, please put N/A.
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Have you logged your service hours in the HOBY L4S system?
Have you recruited an Ambassador from your high school for the 2017 seminar?
Have you applied to volunteer at any other HOBY seminars in 2017?
Have you filled out a National Volunteer Application of the 2017 HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar?
In addition to this application, you are required to fill out a National Volunteer Application at: http://hoby.org/volunteeropportunities for the 2017 seminar. You must fill this form out each year you wish to volunteer for HOBY Oregon (this application takes less than 5 minutes).
Section II - Junior Staff Participation Agreement
Please agree to each of the following statements. It is very important you read each statement before agreeing.
I will be available to attend HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, beginning at 2:00pm on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 through the end of the day (approximately 6:00pm) on Sunday, May 28th, 2017.
I understand that I cannot leave during the seminar for any reason, including, but not limited to, ACT/SAT tests. Once I check in on Thursday, I will NOT leave until the completion of the seminar on Sunday.
I understand that I will be expected to attend or call in for at least two pre- seminar planning meetings/webinars between January 2017-May 2017 by phone or Google Hangout/Talk.
I understand that I am expected to complete and record at least 100 hours of volunteer service into HOBY Leadership for Service (L4S) prior to the 2017 leadership seminar (hours to be completed between May 29th, 2016 - May 25, 2017).
I will fundraise a total contribution of $200 to HOBY Oregon. I understand that the money I raise is to be used for the charitable purposes of offering the HOBY experience to other youth and will not be returned if I am unable to attend. My personal contributions may be refunded if I request them. Funds will need to be submitted in check or money order made out to HOBY Oregon by mail by May 18th, 2017. This donation may be obtained through local cooperating organizations, business or personal donation. This donation can be in the form of gift cards, gifts-in-kind, cash, or check. I understand I will not be allowed to participate in the 2017 seminar if my fundraising contribution is not received by HOBY Oregon by May 25th, 2017.
I commit to checking the e-mail I listed above at least once a week between the day I submit my application and the start of the seminar.
I will attend the HOBY Oregon Staff Training Day in its entirety (or the virtual training if I am not available on the physical training day). Date and location will be announced in the coming months.
I commit to ensuring that at least one sophomore from my high school is registered for HOBY by March 1st, 2017.
I will complete and submit Pre-Seminar Packet no later than May 18, 2017. The Pre-Seminar Packet includes information about any dietary and accessibility needs, medical information (i.e. allergies, medications, emergency contact information, etc), the HOBY Code of Conduct, etc.
I understand that I will not be allowed to participate in the 2017 HOBY Oregon Leadership Seminar if I do not complete all of the above requirements.
Section III - Short Essays
Please respond to each short essay question below. Limit answers to 250 or fewer words.
Why do you want to be a member of the 2017 HOBY Oregon Junior Staff? How will you help make HOBY Oregon an outstanding experience for the 2017 Ambassadors?
Your answer
Do you consider yourself a leader? Why?
Your answer
What are you hoping to learn by being a member of the Junior Staff?
Your answer
Section IV - Junior Facilitator Application Supplement (18 years and older)
Please only answer the following question if you are at least 18 years old or will be by May 25th, 2017.
Are you interested in serving as a Junior Facilitator and assisting a Senior Facilitator with small group facilitation during the HOBY Oregon 2017 Leadership seminar?
Why do you want to be a Junior Facilitator and what can you bring to the position? (Please limit your response to 250 words or less).
Your answer
Section VI - Parent Agreement (Required if under 18)
I commit to completing the parent agreement
If you are under 18 by the time of the seminar, please have your parent/guardian email katie@hobyoregon.org giving you permission to participate in the HOBY Oregon 2017 seminar.
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