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HMB Fighter's ID questionnaire
Please, fulfil our questionnaire for creating your HMB Fighter's ID card holder profile
1. First name: *
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2. Last name: *
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3. Date of birth: *
Your date of birth (
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4. Sex: *
5. Height:
Your height (in centimeters). E.G.: 180
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6. Weight:
Your weight (in kilograms). E.G.: 82
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7. Blood group\type, Rh:
Your blood group\type, Rh. E.G.: AB+
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8. Marital status:
Your marital status:
9. Children:
10. Occupation:
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11. Company:
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12. Country: *
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13. City: *
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14. Postal address: *
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15. Phone number: *
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16. E-mail: *
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17. Additional e-mail:
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18. Skype:
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19. Your HMB club: *
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20. Your HMB National Team: *
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21. Region of reenactment: *
E.G: Europe, Rus, Germany
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22. Reenactment period (century): *
E.G.: 14
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