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* 不用出門,就能邁向國際教育
* 在家就能進行授課
* 24/7皆可授課,上課時間由你決定
* 各國語言線上教師熱情招聘中
* Flexible working hours.
* Work from home.
Hitutor 온라인 강의는 컴퓨터와 스피커로 집에서 간단하게 강의하는 것이라고 합니다.집에서나 밖에서나 여러분 인터넷을 통해 어디든지 다 할 수 있는 직업입니다.
시간도 자유롭고 여유롭게 하실 수 있습니다.
저희 회사에 가입한 것을 진심으로 기대하고 환영합니다.

姓名 / Name *
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性別 / Gender *
國籍 / Nationality *
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母語 / Mother tongue *
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目前所在地 / Currently reside in *
(城市,國家 / City,Country)
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在台簽證 / Visa Type *
如果您是台灣人,或沒有住在台灣,請選 "無" / If you are Taiwanese, or don't live in Taiwan, please select "None".
方便連繫之通訊軟體 / Messaging App for contact *
通訊軟體ID / Messaging App ID *
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電子信箱 / Email *
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電話 / Contact number *
如果不在台灣,請加上國碼,例如:+(886) xxx-xxxx / Please include the country code if live outside of Taiwan. Eg. +(886) xxx-xxxx
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教育程度 / Level of Education *
畢業學校 / Graduated from *
國家+學校名稱 例如:美國哈佛大學 / School name+Country Ex: Harvard University, U.S.A.
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科系 / Field of Study *
(主修,副修 / Major,Minor)
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教學年資 / Teaching Experiences (Years) *
授課經驗 / Teaching Experiences (Course) *
教學證照、語言證照、資格 (含成績) / Teaching Certificates, Language Certificates, Qualifications (including score) *
Please select the certificate you hold and the score. EX: TOEIC 900, TESOL, TOEFL 101, IELTS 8, JLPT N1, TOPIK 6, etc.
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欲教授語言 / Language you want to teach *
自我介紹 (50字左右) / Brief Self Introduction (50~80 words) *
請描述您的教學經驗, 教學技巧與特色等 / Please describe your teaching experiences / teaching skills, ect.
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特殊說明 / Additional Notes
例如:過去工作經歷,優秀事蹟等 / EX: Work experience, outstanding reward, etc
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可授課時段 (臺灣標準時間) / Available teaching hours (Taiwan Standard Time GMT+8) *
請列出星期,時段。(範例: 星期一到星期五 15:00-21:00) / Please provide days and time. (e.g. Monday~Friday 15:00-21:00)
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是否有意願外派台灣或中國實體教學 / Are you willing to move to Taiwan or China for a classroom teaching position? *
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