Hanoi International School IT Survey - Parents
Please give your honest feedback for this survey. We will not collect your information (name or e-mail).
I have students attending HIS in the following grades.
Check all that apply.
The last time I used ManageBac to stay informed on my child's learning was
Students at HIS have gradually been using more technology in their learning. With this increase we would like to hear your opinions on how it affects their learning.
On a scale from 1-5, how important do you believe using digital technologies is in your child's learning? (5 is most important)
On a scale from 1-5, how effective do you believe your child's use of technology is in supporting their learning?
Please rank whether you agree increased technology in school supports your child's learning in the following areas, with “1” being highly disagree and “5” being highly agree.
I don't understand what this is
Develops essential digital skills
Supports independence and self-directed learning
Supporting creativity and innovation
Access to resources beyond those at HIS
Increased variety of effective teaching methods
Supports continuation of learning at home
Increased opportunities for collaboration
Increased opportunities to problem solve
Supports developing self management skills
Increased information literacy skills
Increased media literacy skills
Increased engagement in the classroom
Increased opportunities to learn at a different pace (faster or slower)
What are your biggest concerns about the increased use of digital technologies to support your child's learning?
HIS is considering implementing a Bring Your Own Laptop requirement for some grade levels in the secondary. Please answer the following questions to help guide the school in the implementation process.
Parents of students in those grade levels would be expected to purchase a laptop for their child if they don't already have one. Students would take their laptop to school everyday but teaching wouldn't always involve the laptop. Specific guidance regarding minimum expectations for devices would be provided to parents and students.
From what age levels do you feel it is appropriate for a secondary student to bring and be responsible for their own laptop in school?
If your child has a personal laptop, do you currently allow him/her to bring it school?
I support my child bringing a laptop to school for instructional use.
Please rank your concerns, with “1” being the most concerning issue and “5” being the issue of least concern to you.
Theft of device
Off task / inappropriate use
Cost of purchasing a new device
Data security / student privacy
Amount of daily screen time
If HIS implemented a Bring Your Own Laptop program, what would be your greatest concerns in regards to your child's learning.
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If HIS implemented a Bring Your Own Laptop program, what do you think could be the greatest opportunities in regards to your child's learning.
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I support HIS implementing a Bring Your Own Laptop program.
Would you like to discuss further?
Please leave your contact details below if you would like to follow up with a group of parents and teachers to further discuss IT at HIS. You can also e-mail Mr. Dan at dslaughter@hisvietnam.com if you would like to keep you answers anonymous.
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