Stargazer Anubis, Thor Model Updates & Minotaur Replacements.

New Skins

New NPCs in Conquest

Titan of Chaos:

From the primordial forces of Wind and Fire the Titan of Chaos was born. Merely an avatar of the greater forces, he influenced the gods and humanity alike with his great power. The Titan wants nothing more than the gods and humanity to use their powers unrestrained. To live free of the tyranny of the old order, however chaotic that may be.


Many view his followers as heretics. However, the army he has amassed thinks of themselves as freedom fighters, true patriots, and they are fully prepared to lay down their lives for his cause.

Titan of Order

Once the Titan of Chaos had literally torn a rift through the earths surface with his army of heretics and rogue gods, the primordial forces of Thunder and Lighting spawned the Titan of Order. The Titan's physical manifestation represents order through force, the binding of one’s freedoms for the greater good. She is many, but one, bound to a single cause. She is the embodiment of the old order.


Her army faithfully believes that terrible things will come if the order of the gods isn't maintained. They must stop this rogue army of humans and demi-gods before they upset the balance and the primordial forces rip the world apart.

*Note: This is the first step of an ongoing process, so there will still be some references to the Minotaur in VGS and elsewhere for now until those changes can be completed. The artistic treatment is also not final.