AMC Patch Notes

New God: Ah Muzen Cab

Re-arted Assault Map (Asgard):

The Mythology (Simplified):

Heimdall sounds the horn, letting all of Valhalla know that the Ragnarok was finally upon them. Hel and her horde of dishonorable dead have reached the shores to fight one last time on the battleground of Vigrid.

It is foretold that Odin would be killed by Fenrir, Thor would kill the Midgard serpent but would also die of his wounds, and Loki would fight Heimdall, killing both of them in the process. Tyr and Garm, a watchdog of Hel, would also kill each other. Finally, the sun and the moon would be swallowed by the wolves Sköll and Hati.

Odin stands tall among his enormous army made up of only the bravest of humans. This would be the battle to end all battles. Odin, along with many other Norse gods, knew they would perish this day. The only comfort that was to be had was knowing that this battle would not be the end of the world, but only because of their actions.

The Map:

Asgard is our all random all mid map that fills this popular niche in MOBAs. The map is set in Asgard on the battlefield of Vigrid. It takes place during the Ragnarok, a foretold "end of times" battle that would wipe the world clean and it would start again.

On one side of the map there is the architecture in the style of Valhalla and a boat landing area where Odin's army lands more troops by the minute. The world tree can be seen in the sky made up of a giant nebula. It is also important to note that this map does not depict Valhalla itself, only a small area of the battlefield of Vigrid.

On the opposing side Hel's presence alone has started to disrupt and destroy Asgard. Giant stones lift from the icy soil and begin to float. Two monstrously huge Hel-hounds have been brought to remind all that oppose Hel's army that they are not to be taken lightly and have great power. Behind the spawn fountain is the ship "Naglfar". This is the ship that Hel brought her army from Helheim.


New Skins: