Combined Advanced Tuition and Music School Enrolment Form - (do not use for Standard Tuition in school)
This form is for students who have been invited to start Advanced Tuition alongside their Music School activities. It can't be used to register for group or 10-15 minute Standard Tuition in schools.

Please fill in the form for one child at a time (do not fill in for multiple children).


Advanced lessons are only offered if the student also attends Music School. To enrol for Individual Tuition, you must have had an invitation to apply from a Hillingdon Music Service member of staff. Please make sure you have that person's name to hand for later on in this form. If you have not yet spoken to us about an application, don't fill in this form straight away but instead please contact the office on with the name of your child and their school to ask for a referral.

For Music School only, there is a separate form, which you can find on the sign up page at

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