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Thank you for your interest in the Puente Program. Puente is open to ALL students that meet the eligibility criteria. Puente is a cohort (students take courses together) focused on building a community of learners and examining Latinx topics.

Who should sign up for Puente:
1. Students seeking a Bachelor's degree or higher
2. G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher.
3. Can take all of the Puente courses (REQUIRED).
4. Students that want to participate in career and college field trips, service learning (community service), and mentoring events that take place outside of regular class time.
5. Students interested in Latinx culture or that identify as Latino, Latina, or Latinx.

Classes and activities will be virtual when campus is closed due to Covid-19.

Puente Cohort Courses
Puente is compatible with a variety of different educational focuses. You will enroll in the Puente courses taught by the Puente co-coordinators and also take non-Puente courses for your educational pathway. Puente is a curriculum-based program, all courses are required. All Puente classes are held in the Puente classroom 25-608.

See the Puente website for course schedule and instructor details.

Puente is a first-come-first-served program. You will receive a confirmation of your eligibility in about 2 - 3 school days.
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