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Thank you for your interest in the Puente Program. Puente is open to ALL students that meet the eligibility criteria. A new Puente cycle begins each fall and can accommodate 25 students each academic year.

1. Interest in transferring to and graduating from a 4 year university or college
2. G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher. (Students who do not meet this criterion should submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor or counselor with the application)
3. Students must enroll in ALL of the Puente course components fall through spring quarters
4. Students must participate in career and college field trips, service learning (community service), and mentoring events that take place outside of regular class time.
5. A willingness to learn about the Latinx experience
6. Must be eligible to enroll in English 101 or English 101 Plus in the fall


1. Puente English courses each quarter develop critical reading and writing skills necessary to succeed in college or university.
2. Puente counseling and counseling-psychology courses each quarter to develop self-confidence, self-understanding and student success skills necessary to make it in college or university, a knowledge of resources, requirements and an educational plan necessary for transfer.
3. Puente mentoring each semester by volunteers in professional careers to help develop skills necessary for the professional work world.
4. Puente Educational, career and culture activities each semester that further support students in developing career and life goals.

Puente Cohort Courses
Puente is compatible with a variety of different educational focuses. You will enroll in the Puente courses taught by the Puente co-coordinators and also take non-Puente courses for your educational pathway. Puente is a curriculum based program, all courses are required. All Puente classes are held in the Puente classroom 25-608.

See the Puente website for course schedule and instructor details.

Puente is a first-come first-served program. You will receive a confirmation of your eligibility within one week.

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