Middle School Lunch Survey
Wouldn't it be great if the school cafeteria served food that you looked forward to eating? Please fill out this survey and help us improve our school's meal program at Hemet Unified School District.
What school do you attend? *
What is your grade in school? *
Where do you normally get lunch on school days? Mark all that apply *
How often do you eat the cafeteria food? Mark one *
If you've eaten in the cafeteria at least one time this year, list three words you would use to describe the food: *
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In general, how would you rate the taste of the cafeteria food? Mark one. *
In general, how healthy do you think the cafeteria food? Mark one. *
What is the best thing you've eaten in the cafeteria and what did you like about it? *
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What was the least favorite food item and what didn't you like about it? *
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If the cafeteria could change one or two things to make the food tastier, healthier, or more interesting, what would you suggest? Be as specific as you can: *
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Does it seem to you that a lot of waste is being generated in the meal program? If yes, what could be done to reduce that? *
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Do you feel you have enough time to eat your lunch? If not, how much more time would make a difference for you? *
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