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Complete this form to schedule pest control inspections or treatments.  If you ARE NOT sure if you need an inspection or treatment start with selecting the "Inspection" option below.    

If you are a home owner needing services scheduled then please select the inspection option and leave a good contact number.  

Once you submit the form we will reply with an email confirming how fast we will be able to fix all of your pest control needs!  
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What service are you needing?
If you are a client we visit on a weekly basis and the unit is not in need of a specialty service then select:  Weekly Service Unit.   Once submitted we will add to your properties pest control scheduling sheet.
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Your full name *
Please list first and last name.  Like Heat Wave some companies have many folks with the same name.
What is the best email to reach you at? *
All of our scheduling confirmations are done via email.  Please provide the email you wish to correspond with.  
What is the best phone number to reach you at?
What is the property name? *
  If this is for a private residence please type the full property address.  
What unit number(s) is having issues? *
If the entire building is in need of some sort of pest control attention please list the building number.  If multiple units please list all applicable units.  If a private residence please type the full property address.  
Is this unit... *
Does this unit have any pets listed on lease? *
What is the sq/ft of target unit? *
What type of pest do you suspect invading the unit? *
How bad do you perceive the pest issue to be? *
If you are a current WEEKLY service client:  any pest issue perceived to be less than a level 3 issue then we will schedule as a weekly call back treatment and no preparation is needed by tenant.  
Light Issue
Bursting at the seams with bugs
Would the tenants personal items make it hard to prepare for a treatment? *
Knowing what condition a unit is in greatly helps us provide more effective treatments for you.  Include personal items and condition of unit.  If you just are not sure select 1.
It was neat and clean or vacant
How does the tenant even live like this?! ALOT of Stuff
Is there a special preferred time for services?
Yes we know we are all special, but some need that extra amount of love and attention.  If you are trying to request a specific date please list here.  If not then leave this question blank.  
Anything else??
Any other notes that may help us eradicate these bugs would be great.  If it is something that relates to this unit and pest and has not been covered with a above question write it down.  The more applicable info the better.  
How did you hear about Heat Wave BBC?
If you found us from some other awesome avenue not listed below let us know in the "other..." section.  We like to know who to give credit to for the connections.  
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