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Headstart is one of India's oldest and largest startup ecosystem development organisations established with the vision of 'changing the world with entrepreneurship'. It is a non-profit, run entirely by passionate volunteers.
Since 2007, Headstart has helped numerous startups showcase their offerings and get feedback on their products. It has facilitated tens of thousands of connections to potential co-founders, customers, vendors, mentors, investors and employees. Companies that have demoed at Headstart have collectively added over 48,000 Crores to the Indian economy and created 20 Lakh jobs. Headstart is committed towards building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country through its initiatives like Startup Saturday, Higher, Women Entrepreneurship (WE), Mentor and Kickstart.

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others, while unsuccessful people always ask "What's in it for me?" - BRIAN TRACY

That said, volunteering is SO much MORE. It's about meeting new people, trying new ideas, sharpening your skills, learning new skills, exploring the startup world from a different angle and making a real and lasting difference to people.

Headstart volunteers are already quite successful people.
They are movers and shakers in their colleges and workplaces.
Be they Introverts or extroverts, their enthusiasm is infectious.
They are smart and get things done. Both at an individual level and within a team.
They do things on time and do it well. Often exceeding expectations by adding a little something extra!

Headstart operates in 23 cities currently.
It seeks to make access to customers, mentoring and funding accessible to every deserving entreprenur in the country. It also seeks to create a culture of "paying it forward" in the startup ecosystem. Simply put, paying it forward means helping another without expecting anything in return.

If you want to know more about 'Why Volunteer with Headstart', then please do read: http://bit.ly/why_hs_blog or go through this video here: http://bit.ly/why_hs_video

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