HSOBC Online registration form: 2016-17

Please note that the registration process is in two parts:

1) Please complete this online form. If you have more than one daughter registering for the boat club, you will need to complete this form again as each daughter will need a separate online application.

2) Please complete the ANNUAL PARENTAL CONSENT FORM ROWING ACTIVITIES (non-residential) 2016 - 2017:
a) Sign and date all parts of this registration document which can be found on the boat club website (hsobc.co.uk/joining)
b) If your daughter is J14 to Senior, we will also require a photocopy of her passport. This is used when going on overseas trips and for GB trials.

Your daughter will not be allowed to row until both parts (1&2 above) have been completed.

This information is used to register your daughter with British Rowing, safeguarding and welfare, to make bookings and to ensure we are able to keep contact with you and your daughter.

Please ensure all areas of this form are completed carefully.

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