Central Oregon PBIS Conference. April 24, 2017. Request for Presenters

Thank you for submitting a proposal for the Central Oregon Positive Behavior and Interventions Support (PBIS) Conference.

The goal of the Central Oregon PBIS Conference is to provide schools and districts evidence-based tools and strategies in order to implement all aspects of multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). MTSS has been shown to improve overall school climate, maximize academic achievement and address the specific needs of all students in early childhood through high school. The conference offers a wide range of sessions in school-wide PBIS, academic interventions, successful interventions for students with challenging behaviors, effective data-based decision making, trauma informed practice, Early Childhood, Restorative Justice and much more!

Here is the key information regarding the conference:
The date of the Central Oregon PBIS Conference is Monday, April 24, 2017 at the Riverhouse Convention Center in Bend, Oregon. http://www.riverhouse.com/

Proposals are due by March 3, 2017. We have space for a total of forty sessions that are 70 minutes in length.
You will be notified by March 10, 2017 whether or not your proposal has been chosen as a session.

Please note that these sessions are used as a professional development opportunity for our school communities. These sessions are not intended to sell or promote any specific products, programs or curriculum. We will provide tables in our common areas for groups/individuals to display and promote materials that are directly related to your sessions. If you are interested in hosting a table, please be sure to mark the appropriate box in the questions below.

If your session is chosen to present, one person from your group will receive a free admission into the conference. All others in the group will need to pay admission.

Sessions will be 70 minutes. You are welcomed to propose a 2 session presentation (two back to back 70 minute sessions with a 15 minute break).
Presenters are asked to provide their own laptop computer and adapter to connect to the projector. All materials will be posted on the conference website. Presenters will be responsible for providing hard copies of handouts.

Welcome to the Central Oregon PBIS Conference! Prepare for a great experience!