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Please fill out all questions to the best of your ability. Estimating the correct system will depend on the answers provided. If you are not sure how to answer a particular questions, please contact your sales representative.
What company is computer for?
Please indicate the company the computer will be installed for.
Who should receive the email estimate for the computer?
Please indicate the email address for the person to approve the estimate.
What phone number should HCI call with questions regarding the estimate?
Please indicate a contact phone number for this request.
What address will the computer be delivered to?
Please indicate the full address of the location to have computer delivered.
What is the user's name for this computer? *
Please indicate the full name of the user for this computer.
What type of computer is needed? *
Please indicate the type of computer needed.
Will this computer be for a new or existing user? *
Please indicate if this computer will be used by one of your current staff or if new staff is being added.
Will this computer need Microsoft office? *
Please indicate if you will use Microsoft Office.
Any Graphics programs? *
Please indicate if any graphic intensive programs will be used.
What line of business applications will this computer use? *
Please indicate all of your business specific programs to be installed.
Will this PC need dual monitor support? *
Please indicate if this computer will need more than one screen.
What size monitor is needed?
Please indicate the size of monitor needed if getting a monitor
Will you be storing data locally or on a server? *
Please indicate the location of data storage.
Where will this computer be located in the workspace? *
Please indicate where the computer will be placed in the office.
WIll this computer be connected to a printer? *
Please indicate how this computer will print.
Will this computer access a network? *
Please indicate if this computer will be connected to a network.
Any special requests for the computer?
Please indicate any special requests like color, look, models, etc.
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