Skills Assessment
Each of us was made with very unique skills and passions. Someone else may have the same skill as you, but they can't do WHAT YOU CAN DO with that skill! Once you fill out this Skills Assessment, we will have a better idea of who you are and where the best place is for you to get involved! Once you submit this form, you will be contacted within a few days from our Volunteer Coordinator who will help to match you in the best ministry for you. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a Volunteer Application.
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Getting to know you
Our goal is to match you with the perfect opportunity to use your skills and gifts to reach out and make a difference to others. Please take a moment and share a little about yourself.
I have some experience and abilities in the following areas:
Maybe there are some other things you can do or are passionate about that aren't listed above:
Even if you don't see a direct use for your unique interests and skills....feel free to share anything you're good at and enjoy (sports, pastimes, activities)
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In what cool way, if any, have you been appreciated in the past that you'd be willing to share?
Either by an employer, a friend, work as a volunteer, etc
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Is there an area or a project you are specifically interested in helping with or that you have been involved with in the past?
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If I found an opportunity to serve on Sundays, I would be available to volunteer:
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