Panorama Group Requests
Use this form to request approval for group placement in the annual Panorama Picture. If you do not intend to sit adjacent to two or more of your peers, you may ignore this form.

You MUST submit a request prior to April 25 for approval. NO requests submitted on April 25th will be acknowledged.

If you do NOT receive approval, you will NOT be permitted to wear a message-based shirt during the picture. Approvals will be eMailed to all group members listed, as submitted on this form. Last-minute additions will NOT be accepted.

If you make an error when submitting this form, you may repeat your submission with corrections.

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What is your group name? *
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Provide a short explanation of your group (are you spelling something out, creating a puzzle-piece image, et cetera) *
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Snap a photo of your design, then share it to for review. Paste the share link below. *
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List each member you wish to include in your group. Use this format: John Doe (312654), Jane Doe (312655), et cetera *
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