CTAHR Faculty & Staff Recruitment Survey
One of the focuses of the Academic and Student Affairs Office is recruitment.
We participate in as many school and college fairs, presentations and activities as we can, and try to recruit students into all of our CTAHR undergraduate majors. We are now trying to get a bigger picture of what recruitment looks like for the entire College.
We know that some of you may also be participating in recruitment activities, such as ..
... tabling, classroom visits/presentations, workshops, etc., and that the ages of individuals reached by your recruitment efforts can range from elementary school children to members of our community.
We have created a survey, which will help us to track our recruitment efforts as a College.
We are asking that if you participate in a recruitment activity that you fill out the recruitment survey. We also want to help support your recruitment efforts by providing you with recruitment materials, such as flyers, tabletop banner/tablecloth, and small amounts of promotional items, such as pencils, pens and/or hand sanitizers. You will need to fill out the survey in order for us to receive your request for materials. Please note that requests for items are on a first-come, first-serve basis, as we have only two tabletop banners and one tablecloth. Promotional items will also be given out in minimal amounts so that everyone in the College can benefit from this. If this process to help our College’s recruitment is successful, we may be able to expand our efforts and provide additional items/items in greater quantity in the future.
(Please note that promotional items will be given to those who are participating in events that could recruit students into our undergraduate or graduate programs. Promotional items that we distribute are intended for events that target students, instead of events focused on exposure of CTAHR to professional colleagues or the general community.)
Thank you CTAHR faculty and staff for helping to promote our College and recruit students into our programs!
Please contact Mandy Chen at chenm@ctahr.hawaii.edu or 956-4162.

Please fill out the recruitment survey on the following page.
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