Spring 2017 Sustainability Survey
The UH Hilo Sustainability Committee is working towards making our campus a zero waste institution, and recycling and composting are key components of this effort. We would like to get student input and feedback on campus recycling efforts and plans we can better understand student behavior and needs. Your participation in this survey will provide valuable information and make a difference!

Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

If you have taken this survey a semester ago, your responses and feedback are recorded.
Please take this Spring 2017 survey again with your current understanding.

Mahalo nui!

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What year college student are you as of Fall semester 2016? *
On a typical weekday, how long do you usually stay on campus? *
How familiar are you with sustainability? *
How sustainable do you think UH Hilo is? *
What do you generally know about recycling? *
In general, how much campus rubbish do you generate vs. recycle? *
How many items on average do you recycle on campus each day? *
If you recycle infrequently, why? (can check more than one)
How many items on average do you throw away on campus each day? *
Do you consider the packaging material of the products you use? *
Which of the following on-campus recycling practices do you know? (Mark as many as needed) *
Which of these are compostable on campus? *
How often do you place your organics in the green compost bins? *
Do you use a reusable beverage bottle? (ex: Hydroflask) *
How can we make the recycle/compost process better for students?
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Are you interested in working on campus sustainability projects? *
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Any comments on sustainability efforts on campus?
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