Hatchet Cove Farm Member Survey 2015
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

The 2015 season brought many changes to Hatchet Cove Farm. We dropped all of our wholesale accounts to focus solely on the CSA, built a certified milk room for our micro-dairy CSA, and learned a lot about farming in semi-drought conditions. We're in the process of wrapping up the final month of the Fall CSA, but for the purposes of this survey we will mostly focus on the Summer CSA. Thank you again for doing this survey. It really has an impact on our planning for next year!
Where did you pick up your summer CSA? *
Do you have any comments about your pick up location? (Parking issues, ease of pick up situation, time frame, your farm crew helper, etc.)
What percentage of your share, in any given week, do you think you compost or throw away because you don't eat?
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How often did you utilize the seconds/trade/extras table?
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Do you have any thoughts or feedback on how we could do things differently?
Is there anything you especially enjoy about the CSA?
Below is a list of all the vegetables that we grew in 2015. Please rate the vegetables based on the options in the three columns.
The number of times that you received the veggie during the Summer CSA is in parenthesis: Broccoli (5x) means you received Broccoli in five of your CSA pick-ups. If we grew it but only gave it in the Spring or Fall CSA, it is included but with 'fall' or 'spring' next to the vegetable name.
Wish we got more
Got a perfect amount
Yikes! Too much!
Arugula (2x)
Basil (4x)
Beets (4x)
Beet Greens (2x)
Bok Choy (spring)
Broccoli, traditional (5x)
Broccoli, Gailon (3x)
Brussels Sprouts (fall)
Cabbage, Red or Green or Savoy (1x)
Cabbage, Napa (1x)
Carrots (7x)
Cauliflower (2x)
Chard (3x)
Cilantro (1x)
Collards (2x)
Cucumber (8x)
Edamame (1x)
Eggplant (4x)
Garlic (7x)
Garlic Scapes (3x)
Green Beans (4x)
Husk Cherries (only 1x, sadly!)
Kale (8x)
Lettuce Head (0x)
Melon (1x)
Mesclun Mix or Lettuce Mix (11x)
Mustard Greens (spring)
Onions (5x)
Pea Shoots (1x)
Peppers, Bell (red and green) (4x)
Peppers, Hot (1x)
Potatoes (3x)
Purslane (2x)
Radishes (spring, fall)
Rutabaga (fall)
Scallions (1x)
Shallot (2x)
Spinach (2x)
Sugar Snap Peas (2x)
Summer Squash - zucchini, zephyr & patty pan (11x)
Sweet Corn (2x)
Tomatoes, big (9x- between 1-7 each time)
Tomatoes, cherry (10x)
Tomatillos (2x)
Turnips, Hakurei (spring, fall)
Turnips, storage (fall)
Winter squash - (1x)
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Is there anything you would like us to grow that we don't grow already? There may be a reason we've decided not to grow it, but we'd love to hear your dream crops!
Which of the following annual herbs would you like to have in the CSA on a (more) regular basis?
If you are a milk CSA member with HCF, do you have any feedback on the milk share?
If you are a cheese CSA member with Appleton Creamery, do you have any feedback on the cheese share?
If you are a grain CSA member with Grange Corner Farm, do you have any feedback on the grain share?
If you are a mushroom CSA member with Oyster Creek Mushroom Co., do you have any feedback on the mushroom share?
If you are a honey CSA member with Karen Carroll, do you have any feedback on the honey share?
If you are an oil and vinegar CSA member with Fiore, do you have any feedback on the Fiore share?
If you are a chicken CSA member with Rooster Ridge Farm, do you have any feedback on the chicken share?
If you are an egg CSA member with Misty Brook Farm, do you have any feedback on the egg share?
If you are a flower CSA member with Calico Floriculture, do you have any feedback on the flower share?
Anything else you want us to know about your CSA experience?
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