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Congratulations on your decision to attend Hastings College! Official housing assignments and roommate info will be emailed to you after June 1.

You must complete this form or one of the Residency Exemption/Commuter Forms. Residential policy: All students, including Hastings area students, are required to live on campus unless they (1) will reside with a parent (mother, father, or legal guardian) within Adams County in the parent’s primary residence; (2) will have senior class standing (87 hours) and have lived on campus 6 semesters; (3) will be a part-time student; (4) will be married or will be a single, custodial parent; (5) will be at least 23 years old or enrolled in the 22+ HC Program; (6) will have an Associates Degree.

For more information about campus housing options, please visit hastings.edu/housing. For any housing questions, please contact Colt Kraus, Director of Student Engagement, at ckraus@hastings.edu or 402-461-7487.

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(For best success in roommate matching, we ask this portion be filled out honestly by the student, not a family member.)
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Intended area of study (put NA if you do not know)
Do you smoke
Do you object to a roommate who smokes
Do you consume alcohol
Do you object to a roommate who consumes alcohol
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Please select a meal plan (more info on meal plans can be found at hastings.edu/activities-campus-life/dining-campus
We have five residence halls on campus. Two are all male halls; Weyer and Bronc. Two are all female halls; Babcock and Taylor. One is co-ed; Altman Hall. Please indicate your first choice for housing.
Please indicate your second choice for housing (must be different from first choice).
Please indicate your third choice for housing (must be different from first and second choice).
Do you need a medical accommodation within your hall?
If you have a student you wish to live with, please fill out their full name and hometown (hometown only needed if the student is not a current student)
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