HHS Parking Permit Application
HHS Parking Permit Application
The following rules and regulations apply to all students attending Hartland High School. Any student found in violation of any rule or regulation regarding student automobiles and parking lot privileges will be subject to disciplinary action as provided for in the Student Code of Conduct and subject to temporary or permanent removal of his/her parking privileges.

1. Students who drive to school must complete the HHS Parking Permit Application Form found on the HHS website. The office will issue a numbered parking hang tag, which is to hang from the rear-view mirror in your vehicle at all times when parked. In addition, a red “STOPPED” sticker will be issued which is to be affixed to the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the inside windshield (driver side). Parking hang tags must be returned at the end of the school year. A charge of $5.00 will be assessed for lost or damaged parking hang tags.

2. Students shall park in student-designated areas only. Parking is assigned, and you are to park ONLY in your assigned space. In the event that you arrive at school and someone has parked in your space, you must park in the “Reserved Student Parking” (overflow) and immediately report the vehicle in your spot to the front office. Please supply the office with the license plate of the vehicle in your space.

3. Students who leave the premises prior to the end of the school day to participate in the co-op program and/or dual enrollment program will receive a special pass from the office to leave campus. They are still required to purchase a parking permit.

4. If you are in possession of a Handicap Plate or temporary Handicap hang tag, you must still purchase a parking permit.

5. Students are expected to drive safely and carefully and obey all state and local motor vehicle laws. Students are to treat the security staff with respect. Students must follow security's directions in the parking lot or on school grounds. Driving past them may result in disciplinary action and/or immediate loss of parking privileges without reimbursement.

6. Parking stickers are issued to ONE student and are NOT TRANSFERABLE, even to another family member.

7. Under some circumstances, it may be necessary for a student to drive an unregistered car to school. If this occurs, it is the student's responsibility to register that vehicle on the website, as well as report it to the security officer at the front desk. Parking lists are printed the first day of each week. Therefore, if an unregistered vehicle is driven on Wednesday, they must report it to security Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week. An unregistered vehicle will incur a fine of $25.00 if not reported.

8. Fees for infractions are between $5.00 and $25.00, in addition to towing costs (if applicable). These infractions may include, but are not limited to, the following: No valid parking sticker, parking in unauthorized areas, parking in the staff or pool lot, or parking on the lines. Parking in fire lanes or Handicap spaces without a Handicap Permit will result in school fines in addition to other fees issued by law enforcement.

9. Any person who is parked in an unauthorized area or parking an unregistered vehicle will be subject to being towed. Fees and fines associated with obtaining your vehicle from the towing company are at the operator’s expense and not the responsibility of Hartland High School or Hartland Consolidated Schools. Unauthorized areas include the Pool Lot, Staff Lot, Receiving Area and the Auto Shop area.

10. Driving privileges may be revoked by school administration when, in the opinion of the administration, continuance of the privilege is detrimental to the welfare of others.

11. By providing the school district with this application, the student and parent/guardian agree that the vehicle described will remain properly licensed and insured so as to operate under the laws of the State of Michigan. Student and family also agree to enroll in the STOPPED program through the Sheriff’s Department. This link is also found on our website.

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