NGO Partner – Volunteer Services Registration Form 社會服務機構 – 義工服務申請表
Contact Information
NGO Name 非牟利機構及服務單位名稱 *
IRD File No. 慈善機構註冊編號
Program Name 活動名稱 *
Program Objective & Description 活動宗旨及簡介 *
(will be put online for recruitment of volunteers, around 50 words)(用作網上招募,約 50字)
Contact Person of Service 活動聯絡人 *
Title of Contact Person 聯絡人職銜
Contact Method 聯絡方法 *
Email (電郵)
Contact Method 聯絡方法 *
Phone (電話)
Program Information
Location of Service 活動地點 *
No. & Type of Beneficiaries 服務對象人數及類別 *
No. of Session(s) 服務節數 *
Please state: one-off service / a series of activity 請列明: 單次活動 / 系列活動
Date(s) 活動日期 *
Time 時間 *
No. of Volunteers Needed 所需義工人數 *
(e.g. 5 volunteers per session) (如:每節服務需要5名義工)
Role of Volunteers 義工職責範圍 *
Requirements/ Remarks 義工條件及備註
(e.g. Cantonese speakers only/ age 18 or above / separate briefing with date provided, etc.), (如:操流利粵語/ 18 歲以上/ 須於活動前出席簡介會,如有請提供日期)
Gathering Place and Time 集合地點和時間 *
Deadline of Application 截止報名日期 *
Remarks 備註
My service unit will join and support the Serve-a-thon Hong Kong, but we will recruit volunteers on our own. Post-event statistic such as volunteer hours will be provided after Serve-a-thon Hong Kong. 本單位願意參加香港國際義工節以示支持是次運動,但本單位將自行招募義工。本單位會根據指示提交事後報告。
Clear selection
*Each registration form accepts one service event; services in series should submit separate form. Different service units of one NGO can submit more than one form. 每份登記表格只接受一項服務, 系列性活動需分別提交登記表格。 貴機構的各服務單位可提交多於一份登記表格。

**Please provide organization logo (in jpg/ ai format) along with this application. 請連同此表格提交 貴機構會徽以完成登記 (格式為jpg/ ai)。
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