Sport Club Travel Request Form

This form should be completed by clubs who plan to participate in activities (road games, trips, etc) that are beyond the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and/or an overnight stay is required (even if in the metro area). Each request must have a designated "Trip Leader" who will be the contact point for the club. The Trip Leader should be a student leader within the club (ex. President -or- Captain), unless a current Hamline University staff or faculty member is accompanying you for the entire trip. CLUBS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL. Your club must complete this request and receive approval from the Director of Campus Recreation prior to leaving. If a club travels without staff approval, severe penalties will be handed down (including possible removal from the program). Be sure that all sections of this form are complete. The Director of Campus Recreation will assist with any travel arrangements or questions and can be contacted at 651-523-2817 -or- This form must be completed and submitted at least 2 week prior to departure. Plan ahead!
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Club Information

Trip Information

Transportation Information

Trip Roster

List ALL NAMES of those who will be traveling with the club during this trip. In order for students to attend this trip, the must have completed and submitted a SPORT CLUB MEMBERSHIP-WAIVER FORM. This roster must be 100% accurate before you depart. You may add or remove individuals from the list by sending an email to once this form has been submitted.

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