Field Experience ~ FALL 2015

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                    Instructor: Whitney Schultz  CRN #12970


GED 7875 ~ Teaching in the Secondary School

Type of Experience:

 Observation; appropriate interaction with students; teacher assistance; opportunity(ies) to lead all/part of class.

Duration, Frequency and Approximate Dates:

* At least 30 hours in the school (occurring, ideally, over several weeks)

* At least ⅔ of the hours in the cooperating teacher’s classroom (other hours may be spent visiting other classes, attending PLC/department/faculty meetings, or visiting other school locations, with appropriate permission)

Student Expectations:

* Acts professionally at all times;

* Interacts positively with students and staff;

* Seeks out opportunities to learn and participate actively;

* Leads at least one class or major activity;

* Reviews whole class performance on one major assessment (project, essay, paragraph, quiz, test, lab, proof).  Photocopies 3 different students’ work on that assessment (with names removed);

* Seeks feedback from cooperating teacher

Host Teacher Involvement:

*Plans a schedule with Hamline visitor and reviews expectations;

* Introduces Hamline visitor to students and staff and makes him or her feel welcome;

* Allows for and encourages appropriate interaction with students;

* Allows Hamline student to lead one or more class/activity ;

* Assists Hamline student in reviewing class performance on one (or more) major assessment, collecting 3 photocopies of different students’ work on that assessment (with names removed);

* Provides helpful feedback throughout the experience;

* Completes a formal evaluation at end of experience.

Complete a final online evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to your classroom environment.


Hamline Supervision:

No direct supervision from Hamline. Professor may make a brief classroom visit.


Will be sent at the end of the semester.

Hamline Contact:

Dana Coleman

Office of Clinical Experience

Hamline University

School of Education