Mission Policies and Code of Conduct
General Conduct

1. Christian conduct is expected - willing to give and take, to maintain the spirit of unity and harmony in the group, and to extend politeness and courtesy to those with whom we come in contact (missionaries, nationals, team leaders, and team members). A positive attitude is expected. Show mutual respect.

2. Regardless of your personal religious belief, you will be expected to support the mission's stance in being completely Christ-centered.

3. Attendance at the Sunday morning church service is expected.

4. All trip participants are required to follow the trip schedule and participate in all group functions and team meetings. Permission to deviate from the scheduled activities must be obtained from the trip leader.

5. Always be on time for the meals and other activities.

6. You will be expected to adapt to the host culture. This may mean eating food you are unfamiliar with or participating in foreign customs.

7. No smoking or tobacco of any form, illegal drugs, or alcohol is permitted. No foul language. Avoid harassing behaviors.

8. Do not give gifts of any kind (i.e. money, toys, clothes, etc.) to nationals without consulting the HCM leadership. Leadership on campus includes Betty, Edwens, Lovely, Dorlus, and Angie. **See Distribution Policy **

9. Do not give your telephone number to anyone and be cautious when giving your address or email address.

10. Do not work alone. Have at least one person with you at all times when you are out, even those who have been to campus several times. This is for the protection of your team and our staff.

11. Separation from the group is not allowed without prior approval by the team leader. Always let the team leader or host missionary know your whereabouts. NEVER wander off or go exploring by yourself.

12. Pairing off is not permitted, as it tends to distract from the real purpose of the trip. Due to cultural considerations, public displays of affection are not acceptable.

13. Play with kids outside. No youth or children should be invited into dorm housing. This is for their protection, as well as yours.

14. In years past, teams have been allowed to watch deliveries in the Maternity Center, however that is no longer permitted for reasons of protecting patient privacy. Please do not ask to see deliveries, as we want to take good care of all patients.

Dress Code - It is very important that you dress in a neat, clean, and modest fashion.

1. No sleeveless or spaghetti strap shirts or dresses. Shirts and dresses should have sleeves and should not be low cut or have open backs.

2. Dress and skirt length should not be higher than the knee and are to be worn at all times by females with the exception of a construction project when loose capri pants would be appropriate.

3. Shorts are to be worn only by men in the basketball area or during work projects. Otherwise, long pants are required.

4. Nightwear should be modest and in line with above dress code when leaving rooms to go to a public area (i.e. kitchen, mission house, etc.)

5. It is important that you dress in a neat, clean, and modest fashion. Your appearance is important not only for the mission's reputation, but also because it affects how the local people will perceive you. You may have to submit to certain restrictions regarding dress, body piercing (only acceptable piercing is small earrings for ladies) and hair restrictions (hair length for guys). More information on dress is given in the HCM Team Handbook.

Surgical Teams-

1. Surgical teams are encouraged to wear scrubs during their time in the Surgicenter, otherwise please adhere by the regular dress code as outlined above.

2. As per same protocol in the states, tennis shoes or non-skid shoes covering the whole foot are to be worn in the Surgicenter.

3. Surgical teams are allowed Wi-Fi, however it is to be used for research or contacting home, not for recreational purposes (i.e. streaming videos, social media, etc.)


1. Keep your room clean and picked up.

2. Keep snacks in airtight containers to avoid ants and other insects in the rooms.

3. Men should not enter the women’s rooms nor men women's rooms, unless married.

4. All lights should be out at 10:00pm. No one should be out after this time and noise level should be mindful. Our employees live on campus and need their rest. Please be in your room by lights out.

5. Wi-Fi should only be used by the team leader, or in brief cases of contacting home if needed. Team leaders, please use the Wi-Fi very sparingly as it is not strong and our staff depend on it for their work.

6. Each person is responsible to care for his or her luggage.

7. Make best use of the water; however, do not brush your teeth with or drink the tap water. Take brief showers as the water supply is limited in Haiti.

8. Drink plenty of water.

9. Keep hands clean.

10. Do not go barefoot on campus. This includes in the living quarters.

11. Teams will wash dishes after each meal.

***Following these guidelines is important not only for the mission’s reputation, but it also impacts how local people will perceive you***

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