Chelsea House Application
Chelsea House is a progressive, Bible-based, housing program for displaced women and single mom families. It is our desire to provide a safe, clean, comfortable home that encourages personal growth and spiritual enrichment. We are here to help residents achieve their goals and dream within a structured setting. We pray that Chelsea House provides a positive experience for you.

(GSN) is a local non-denominational ministry, governed by a board of directors, that provides supportive services like food, clothing, shelter, housing and assistance to individuals and families who are hopeless, homeless, hurting. Our programs include Chelsea House for Women and Single Mom Families, Good Samaritan Inn for Men, Good Samaritan Chapel Outreach and Good Samaritan Enterprises. GSN partners with and assists other ministries, churches, agencies and businesses to provide whole care approach for our clients. GSN is not a government agency and does not receive government funding.

Each resident is assigned a mentor who offers spiritual encouragement and guidance as she progresses through the program. Program involves the following phases:

RESCUE-Phase I: Orientation Period, 1-3 night stay, nightly stay, limited personal storage available (pack as if you are going on a one week vacation), learn the basics of the program, establish short term goals.
REDEEM-Phase II: Trial Period, up to 2 week stay, limited storage, establish case plan, establish daily routines with program.
REBUILD-Phase III: Stabilization, up to 30 days stay, increased storage, mentor assigned, complete short term goals.
RESTORE-Phase IV: Full Program, up to 6 months (extensions available based on program compliance and need), reserved bed, full storage privileges, flexible program schedule.
RESEND-Phase V: Ready for Independent living. CH will assist w/ household furnishings to residents who qualify and upon availability.

Each resident participates in a case plan designed to meet her individual needs and goals. She meets with our staff on a weekly basis to review her progress. Residents participate in chapel/church, daily devotions, life skills workshops and personal growth classes. During the day, residents must be employed, attend school or participate in GSN community service or work therapy. Children must be in daycare. Within 30 days of entering the program, each resident is required to apply for all social service assistance that is available to cover her personal needs, e.g., food stamps, medical assistance, ID, etc. Occasional field trips and fun outings are scheduled to establish friendships and fun, relaxing activities (ballet, special events, concerts, retreats, dining out. CH believes in giving back to our community and residents help with various outreach programs such as; food/clothing closet, monthly WoW tea, fundraisers, community meals, etc. It is our desire that each woman going through the program experiences personal growth and develops a more meaningful relationship with God as she progresses toward self-sufficiency.

Each resident is responsible to contribute towards her CH program fees of $300 monthly, $75 weekly or $15 nightly. If a resident is unable to pay, she may apply for a scholarship, and may be approved based on fund availability and program compliance. Program fees cover curriculum, housing and utilities. Residents are responsible for their own personal care items including food, transportation, meds, personal bills, laundry supplies, etc. Chelsea House residents are welcome to our Resource Pantry which includes donated clothing, food, personal care items, laundry supplies, household items.

Chelsea House is designed to help meet the needs of displaced women who are willing and able to participate fully in a progressive, structured program which involves accountability. Applicant must be mentally and physically stable, able and willing and able to work, go to school or participate in GSN community service or work therapy for a combined minimum of 40 hours weekly. We are not an addiction recovery program. Women experiencing active addiction issues are encouraged to go through detox and rehab before entering our program. Women in abusive situations which have the potential for life-threatening danger are not good candidates for our program since the residential site is located on an open campus and we can not provide that level of security. Our home is based on biblical principles; therefore, women should have a desire to actively participate in programs which include, but are not limited to, church attendance, WoW groups, daily devotions and personal Bible study. They must have a desire to “do what it takes” and follow an progressive program designed to help better their lives. Women fleeing life threatening danger involving domestic violence will not be eligible as we do have the level of security needed to keep her safe and wish not to bring danger to the other residents. Women experiencing domestic violence should report to Refuge House or their local domestic violence shelter for further assistance. (SEE OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS TAB FOR REFERRALS/INFORMATION).

Potential residents first turn in a completed application to Chelsea House. The following options are available to submit an application. 1) Hand deliver or mail to Chelsea House, 2810 Sharer Rd, Suite 30, Tallahassee, FL 32312. 2) Fax to 850-297-1118. 3) Email to 4) complete online (fastest). Once application is submitted, applicant should notify our office and schedule an interview. (850-297-1113). An interview will take place once a bed is available. Applicants should maintain contact with the ministry with updates and their continued desire to be in the CH program. After the interview and background check/character references are completed a determination will be made to either accept or deny based on if applicant meets the criteria and agrees to all of the program requirements.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend our job readiness daytime program and WoW groups while they are waiting for results. This allows the applicant and staff to get to know each other. An applicant is notified within a week of the interview as to whether or not she is accepted into the program. CH attempts to contact an applicant three times. If there is no response, the applicant is removed from the waiting list and placed inactive. CH proceeds to the next person on the waiting list. Applicants are asked to contact GSN if other living arrangements are made so they can be removed from the waiting list.

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