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If you have ideas for one social media message or an email, email the team at usamarketing@gsa.gov.

To learn more about campaigns, read our "10 point checklist for a successful campaign": https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qNplGENusuG86DpCBwFACBzCspHl63XTyEKzX2RBlU4/edit

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What do you know about the target persona? What is the problem that you’re trying to solve for them?
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What are the potential challenges for this campaign?
Example: Not enough original content, first time doing this type of campaign/effort, etc
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What is the competition this campaign faces?
Example: Heart month is covered by many other agencies.
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What is the one piece of information you want the audience to remember from this campaign?
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What is the call to action?
Example: "Go to usa.gov/voting"
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What text (or images) might be necessary?
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Who will be involved in this campaign?
Who do you need to work with for this campaign?
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Size of campaign
Small = up to 40 hours; Medium = 40-80 hrs; Large = 80+ (total hours it will take to launch the campaign)
How will we measure this campaign?
Marketing can help if you don't know!
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