Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Subject: YXYY / SXSW

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has recently come to our attention that you are using the terms "Yes By Yes Yes" and "YxYY" to promote an event.

See:  http://yesbyyesyes.com/live.html#what

SXSW owns and has federally registered the marks SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST, SXSW, and several other related marks (the "SXSW Marks").  As a trademark owner, we have an obligation to protect the goodwill and reputation associated with our marks by preventing their unauthorized use, as well as unauthorized use of similar variations of our marks.

Because "Yes By Yes Yes" and "YxYY" resembles our "South by Southwest" and "SXSW" format, we believe that use of these terms in connection with the event is likely to cause confusion or dilution of the SXSW Marks.

While we appreciate your enthusiasm for promoting creativity, we must request that you change the name of the event to protect the strength of our famous marks.  We must also request that you agree to permanently refrain from using the SXSW Marks or any confusingly similar marks in the future.

Please respond by Thursday, September 26th at 6pm CT or we will proceed to take further action in this matter.

I'm also happy to talk this matter through on the phone with you on Wednesday.


Laurie Velasco

SXSW Conferences & Festivals