Parent/Teacher Feedback Survey

At Windham Primary School, our staff is dedicated to supporting the learning of all of our students. We recognize that the school is most effective for a child's learning when there is a strong connection between school and home. We are a learning organization that is always looking for ways to improve. We are creating another opportunity to provide feedback. We value parent input. This feedback serves the purposes of allowing families to give comments to their child’s teacher on things that went well and things that could be improved upon from the parent perspective. It will hopefully also strengthen the school to home connection for our future students.
We are asking parents to take a few minutes to complete this brief survey.The information you provide will go directly to the teachers. You have the option of adding your name or not. Your time in completing the survey is greatly appreciated.
Please complete a separate survey (the one that comes directly from each teacher) for each child at the primary school. Thanks for your help.
If you would like to give feedback to specialists such as art, music PE and library teachers look for the survey to come via listerve from Martha Vance or you can get a paper copy in her office. If you child receives special education services, you will receive an email from you child's case manager.
Paper copies will be available in the office.
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    My child's teacher was accessible for home to school communications.
    My child made the academic progress I expected this year.
    My child felt welcome and comfortable sharing his/her thoughts in class.
    My child understood the expectations of the teacher and of the classroom.
    The amount of homework expected of my child was manageable and allowed a balance between home and school.
    My child enjoyed going to school each day this school year.
    My child's teacher followed through with any classroom or behavioral issues my child was having.
    The Parent-Teacher conferences were helpful to understand my child's progress and performance.
    My child's teacher was responsive to my child's needs and learning style.  
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