2013 Seed Starting Squad Application Form

Seed Starting Squad is a great way to get more knowledge and experience starting seeds indoors- this knowledge could save you money on plants, and help you get an early start on the growing season! Here's how it works: as a Seed Starting Squad member, Growing Hope will sell or loan you a light stand for seed growing. The light stand will hold four flats for seedlings-- you will grow two flats for us (we provide the flats, soil, and seeds) and have room under the lightstand for two flats for yourself. As a Seed Starter, you'll sign up for a workshop date in March or April of your choice. At the workshop, you'll come out to the Growing Hope Center, and our Farm Stewards will lead you through the basics of seed starting, setting up your lightstand, and caring for your seedlings. When you join Seed Starting Squad, you're joining over 80 other households & groups to help Growing Hope grow vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings for distribution this spring to community members, to use on our educational urban demonstration farm, and for sale to raise funds to support our work!
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