Tyee Kitchen volunteer form 2017-2018
Complete this form to reserve one or more volunteer shifts in the Tyee Cabin/ Kitchen.

Each family in the Club is required to work two shifts per season.

Please check our 2017-2018 online schedule:
to make sure that your preferred dates are available before requesting them.

You can assume that the shift(s) you request have been assigned to you. Mark your calendars!

Ben Themens is coordinating the kitchen volunteers again this year (sixth year in the row). He will let you know if there is any problem with the dates you selected. Please send him an email (kitchen.assist@grousetyee.com) if you have any questions, problems, or cancellations.

Thanks to everyone for making Tyee such a great environment for our families!

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When our kitchen staffing levels are low, we will ask our on-call volunteers if they can fill in, usually with a couple of days notice.
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