Student Registration: Laptop Responsible Use Agreement

GCS Technology & Internet Responsible Use Policy

It is the policy of Greensburg Community Schools to encourage technology use which facilitates communication and the exchange of ideas and information in pursuit of the corporation's curricular, instructional, technological, and research goals. Greensburg Community Schools supports the use of technology as a tool for the efficient and effective management of the corporation's resources and affairs. Greensburg Community Schools’ computing, networking, and telecommunication resources are to be used by authorized employees and students only.

Greensburg Community School’s digital learning initiative will work to build a seamless integration of technology and academic content to prepare our students with foundational skills for college and career readiness. Moving from users of technology to makers of technology, our students and staff will access resources beyond the wall of classrooms to participate as global learners and leaders.

GCS has established this policy to articulate the expectations for appropriate and ethical use of the corporations network, computers, and other associated technology. The RUP is available in every building in the district and on the GCS website. Individuals new to the corporation will be made aware of the RUP before accessing their GCS account.

A. Acceptable Use

Use of your account supports academic pursuits consistent with the mission and philosophy of GCS / district.

B. Privileges

Use of Internet / Technology / Computers is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use or abuse may result in revocation of stated privilege. Each individual receiving an account will be part of a discussion with a district faculty member pertaining to the proper use of the network. Final decisions regarding what is or is not appropriate will be made by a team of administrators. Accounts are property of the district, as such can be suspended, investigated, and / or closed at any point.

C. Disclaimer

You are responsible for your data. GCS makes no warranties, expressed or implied, for the service provided. GCS will not be responsible for any damages due to data loss, service interruptions or delays. Information obtained from the Internet is at your own risk. GCS will not be held responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information.

C. Security

It is the expectation of the corporation that you identify any vulnerability that would lead to any portion of the schools infrastructure being compromised by notifying the Technology Director or an administrator. Do not demonstrate the problem to other individuals. Identity impersonation is prohibited. Do not use another individual's account or provide your credentials to another user.

D. Prohibitions

Explicitly prohibited actions or activities:

1. Access, upload, download, or distribute inappropriate material(s)
2. Transmit obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit language
3. Violate any local, state, or federal statute
4. Vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another person or organization. Including, but not limited to uploading or downloading email attachments and / or executable files infected with a virus or other malicious non-­replicating package.
5. Access another individual's account, data, or files without the direct permission of that person.
6. Violate copyright, or otherwise use another individual's intellectual property without citation or approval.
7. Intentional physical damage to any equipment owned by Greensburg Community Schools.

D. Costs

The cost to replace the laptop is $504.

An estimated breakdown of associated costs to repair / replace specific parts is as follows:
**The prices listed are for reference only. The actual price is subject to the supply / demand of the part at the time of request.**

1. Keyboard - $17.00 7. DC Port $ 5.99
2. Screen - $ 110.00 8. Hard Drive $ 69.99
3. Charger - $ 48.50
4. Battery - $ 49.74
5. Case - $ 28.00
6. Palm Rest - $ 29.99

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