RSVP to intervene in Darlington Environmental Assessment

Don't Nuke Green Energy: Stop Darlington We need your help this fall to stop the multi-billion dollar proposal to extend the life of the four outdated Darlington reactors. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has asked for approval from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to extend the life of the Darlington reactors without any review of large-scale reactor accidents, long-term radioactive waste storage and how to stop Darlington from hurting Lake Ontario. You can help by telling OPG and CNSC they must put the environment and human health first. The CNSC will be holding hearings this November on its environmental review of Darlington. You can have your say by submitting a written submission or making an oral presentation. By filling in this form, we'll give you the information and tools you will need to help us Stop Darlington and make either a written submission or oral presentation. After you fill in this form, we will send you information by email that will help you get started! Thank you for taking the time and energy needed to Stop Darlington & build a better, safer world. For more information please visit: or email:

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