Diocese of Atlanta Parish Request for Deacon
Please answer the following questions to help us in matching available deacons to parish needs as much as possible.
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Goals for Deacon's leadership in your community
What are your goals for the deacon’s leadership in your parish (ministry)? Please keep in mind that a deacon’s tenure is no more than three years. A fourth year may be granted only if it is mission critical. Your goal for this period may include a type of ministry (prison, food pantry, etc.) you want started or supported, or may be related to more general parish support (re-invigorating outreach, increased ties to surrounding community, etc.). Goals that clearly reflect the call described in the Examination of a Deacon (BCP 543) will rate higher consideration. *
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Support for the Deacon in your community
While deacons are non-stipendary, Continuing Education, mileage, and other expenses are typically provided. Please confirm that your community can budget and provide for this. *
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Clergy and community's past history with deacons.
Please list past experience with deacons placed with the community and the clergy person in charge. *
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Weekly Time Expectations of the Deacon
Please keep in mind that many deacons have full-time positions in the world that inform their ministry in the church. *
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