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* Submitted AND received by 7:30 AM the day before you need it to air. Nothing posted after this time will air the next day.
We produce the announcements 4th and 5th hour, and announcements are shown 6th hour daily.

All announcements may be...
*Shown in the form of a graphic, video, advertisement, or may be read by an anchor. We do not guarantee that it will be read by an anchor.
*Aired every other day, if circumstances allow. With the need to incorporate several announcements, spots, and other aspects of the video production process, the ability to move announcements around in a manner that will not harm the submitter but will benefit GBHTV is crucial. Our regular policy for announcements is 3 days of the announcement being in our show, with the exception of important announcements such as class applications, or situations that call for additional insertions of the announcement.

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